Women and Menopause

Menopause in its simplest terms is the end of menstruation for women. it occurs mostly in women aged 50 and older yet can affect women as young as 40. some women will spend a third of their life in menopause. the following article will touch on the basics of menopause and how to treat it.


Health Care: Libido Enhancing Supplements For Women – Get a Strong and Powerful Sex Drive Naturally

Increase libido supplements for women are designed with women’s needs in mind. these accessories not only increases the sex drive in women, but also help in treating many other sexual problems such as vaginal dryness or menopause. It is needless to say that menopause dryness may also be one of the main reasons behind the […]

Menopause: a natural Event of women in aging

Menopause means the final cessation of menstruation or a normal part of an aging. Menopause is a natural happening for women. Women can usually understand if she is approaching menopause because her menstrual periods starts changing. it is also happen by as the result of surgical removal of both ovaries. otherwise it means 1 to […]

Any ideas on natural meopause relief for my wife? Will an herbal menopause remedy help?

She’s in her early 40’s and has gradually been getting hot flashes, night sweats and as always – MOOD swings.

* Bee Pollen – A very good herbal remedy for hot flashes . Bee pollen contains a combination of male and female hormones. It has been known to to help some women do away […]

Vigorelle increasing womens libido

A great concern for many couples is the fact that the women cannot reach orgasm, just look at any problems page in newspapers or magazines. this comes up time and time again the woman saying she is unable to reach orgasm, during sex or the male partner saying they cannot make their partner reach […]

Early Menopause Symptoms – Facts On Menopause

By Marybell Tining, M.D. on July 14, 2010 Under Early Menopause

Early Menopause Symptoms – Facts on Menopause

Loss of interest for the sexual intercourse is 1 of the near the beginning menopause symptoms which be normally experienced via a group of women. Hormones be what it drive a number of sexual desires inside women […]