Women and Menopause

Menopause in its simplest terms is the end of menstruation for women. it occurs mostly in women aged 50 and older yet can affect women as young as 40. some women will spend a third of their life in menopause. the following article will touch on the basics of menopause and how to treat it.


Menopause Insomnia – Complete Information About Sleeping Troubles

Menopause is one of the most challenging and troubling phases a woman will undergo. it does not only affect you during waking times but it can also become troublesome during the time when you should already be resting and peacefully roaming dreamland. This condition is called menopause insomnia, one of the effects of menopause.

Main […]

Women Health


All of you are very much familiar with the saying that health is wealth. this is implemented to all individual irrespective to their age, gender, social status and etc. Health is a very important issue for all the individuals. and when it comes to women health, there are lots of questions to be asked.


Natural Cures For Menopause and Hot Flashes

It seems like these days more ladies are experiencing serious indications of the symptoms of menopause. and at the same time, the conventional drugs used to treat menopause are showing to be more and more unsafe. So exactly what is a woman to do? we need alleviation, however it needs to be safe. could possibly […]

What To Expect From Menopause

Due to lack of estrogen and progesterone women have to go through this phase of life. during early stages of your life, these hormones determined the monthly cycles of ovulation and menstruation. With the passing years our body produces less amount of progesterone leaving the eggs from the ovaries unfertilized. Sooner or later the menstrual […]

Menopause Symptoms – How To Treat Them

Many women feel awful when they think about the idea of experiencing menopause. Apart from being the sign of getting close into the late adulthood stage, the symptoms of menopause also offers the signal for their hormones to begin regressing and become unbalanced, as a result, contributing to the increased signs and symptoms of aging. […]

What Are The Symptoms of Menopause?

It is very important to realize that it is innate for every woman to undergo a life process known as menopause; it is a stage in a woman’s life when her fertility cycle ends; it is during this stage that ovaries halted producing the hormone estrogen and the reproductive cycle starts to deteriorate. Generally, when […]

What is Menopause Depression and How Does it Come About?

Menopause has many commonly known symptoms such as hot flashes, and several lesser known ones such as menopause depression. most women don’t realize that this normal change in their bodies puts them at high risk for depressive feelings.

While some sadness about the changes in your body is completely normal during menopause, sometimes it goes […]