Cancer Support Groups

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer, you may feel overwhelmed, afraid, and alone. Coping with the challenges of a cancer diagnosis can be very difficult and hard to talk about even to your closest friends and family members. Joining a group for support may help you feel less alone and can improve […]

How to Avoid Anger With Positive Thoughts

Anger is a toxic feeling, which no one enjoys, and yet many of us find it challenging to replace it. Anger has destroyed relationships and break up marriages, caused sibling rivalry, colleagues relationships, break up teamwork, damage family relationships and relationships between boss and subordinates in the workplace. Anger is a negative emotion that can […]

Anger Management For Dummies: What About Anger Management Classes

Many people with anger issues try the best to ignore them. by neglecting to talk about it or sweeping it under the rug so-to-speak, some individuals assume their problem will disappear. Families function daily living with a person who has problems with controlling their temper. Fathers, mothers, even children can disrupt the entire household due […]