What You Need to Know Before Starting Yoga

Is yoga something that interests you, but you feel a bit intimidated? I know I felt that yoga was only for very flexible people and I’m not very flexible. all you see in yoga ads are people in gravity-defying positions or people who can wrap their legs over their heads. Yoga looks like it’s […]

Stop Letting Stress Control Your Life

Stress does not have to make your life miserable. if you let yourself succumb to stress, it will affect your life negatively for a long time. Stop letting stress control your life. Read on for 13 ways to clear stress out of your life and start living more happily.

1) if you have stress issues, […]

Ways In Which You Can Handle Your Stress and anxiety

Nervousness can be a fact of daily life for several men and women around the world. It can be quite a job to get anxiousness manageable, and several folks hesitate to consult using their doctors for remedy. Continue reading to discover some advantageous strategies that can help someone to management the stress and anxiety they […]

How Stress Factors Into Motivation

Stress factors into our motivation more times than we may realize and in this way it can actually provides a positive in our lives. the common perception, and rightfully so, is that mental stress is bad for our health and in fact is viewed by some medical practitioners as an illness that can kill Strangely […]

Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Management

In today’s hectic world of fast paced living and competitive work arena, it’s no longer wonder that a lot of people suffer from the negative effects of depression, anxiety, and stress. these three issues have seemed to become a part of daily life for millions of people around the world -every day they deal with […]

How Aging Affects Fertility in Women

There is no question that women in the United States are waiting longer to start their families. Today’s women are allowing themselves time to complete school and develop a career before becoming mothers. According to a some report by the CDC, the average age for first-time mothers has climbed to 25.1 years in 2006, up […]

Physical Symptoms of Stress in Women

Stress symptoms in women and overall can be divided into physical and behavioral. the following are the most common physical symptoms of stress in women.

Physical stress symptoms in women may vary for each individual. the most common ones are lack of sleep, overeating or in many cases also under eating, irregular monthly cycle, headache […]

Decreased Libido in Women – Causes and Cures

Decreased libido in women can be a result of various factors both psychological and physical.

Here are some of the causes of low libido in women:


Stress and Fatigue- Stress is one of the major issues that can rob you of your sexual appetite. not only this, fatigue can […]

Stress Related Illness Symptoms

Stress comes in two forms – acute and chronic stress. Acute stress is a sudden event that has an end; a visit to the dentist, maybe, or giving a presentation at work. you might describe someone about to give a presentation as having nervous energy. the truth is that the body has responded to the […]

Stress – Some Ways to Deal With it

Stress is really a regular response to any kind of alter. it could be both emotional stress or physical tension. It’s not an emergency discharge of hormones from the adrenal medulla. it could come from an unstructured classroom, unclear or unreasonable expectations, or fear of failure. Tension may also arrive from exciting or constructive occasions.