The causes of sinus headaches

If you suffer from sinus headaches and have tried many different products on the pharmacy counter, but still no results, you have with your doctor. Symptoms include pain in the forehead and cheeks, lying at rest, or cough worse. make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated. as mucous thickens, it blocks the […]

3 Tips to Relieve Sinus Headache Symptoms

Sinus infections can be a big pain (no pun intended) when trying to get rid of them, but knowing what to do is even more important to finding the best solution. However, the main thing that you should try is to come up with a type of relief for your sinus headache symptoms that […]

Take Control of Your Sinus Headache

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses. Sinuses are air-filled spaces surrounding your nasal cavity. there are four pairs of sinuses and they’re located in different positions – forehead, cheekbones area and behind the nose bridge.

When any of these becomes inflamed, the normal drainage of mucus through these channels going to the nose is […]

Sinus Pressure Headache Relief

When the sinus condition is severe, there are certain medications that you can opt for. these medications are helpful in relieving the pain due to sinus pressure. these medications can help normalize the nasal passages and reduce the headache. Once your sinus condition is relieved, this can make all the symptoms go away. some of […]

Sinus Pressure Points For Drug Free Headache Relief

Applying acupressure to the sinus pressure points will relieve a sinus headache within seconds. and without the use of drugs. However, although this technique is extremely efficient, it will not treat the underlying disease. And therein lies the danger.

Sinusitis Is Not a Disease to be Trifled With

In his book, Quick Headache Relief Without […]

Sinus Headache Treatment – How to Stop Sinus Headaches?

Sinus headaches are one of the most painful conditions and they can become really unbearable if left untreated. Sinuses are the cavities that are found in the cheekbones, forehead and behind the nose. They are generally air filled and are responsible for production of mucus that we often experience draining out of our noses. these […]

Sinus Headache Remedies


Sinusitis is a inflammation of a sinuses which formula in a overload of a nasal passages due to extreme phlegm production. A sinus infection in all causes vigour in a eyes, nose, cheeks as good as front which additionally mostly formula in a stroke headache. when we have been pang from sinus as good […]

Your Sinus Headache Symptoms

Sinus headaches affect millions of patients every year, and they can become a regular problem for some patients. Potentially very painful, sinus headaches can also be treated very effectively. the earlier a sinus headache can be treated, the easier the course of treatment can be. Sinus headaches can be differentiated from normal headaches because of […]

Eight Pains Not To Ignore

I’m always intrigued when someone seems to know to go to the ER for something I might decide to wait out — even given everything I know about health and wellness. maybe when something’s really wrong you can just sense it, but I also realize the importance of knowing what kinds of pain can be […]