Asprin helps prevent heart attack, now researchers report it also cuts risk of cancer

Research has shown taking low-doses of aspirin can cut the risk of cancer.

The society working with an international team of experts on cancer prevention is expected to publish a statement on the risks and benefits of long-term aspirin use within weeks.

“We will say this looks very important and needs to be further […]

Is Depression a Preventable Condition?

Depression is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health conditions in the world. Major depressive disorder (MDD) impairs an individual’s ability to function on many levels. the emotional disfunction that occurs as a result of MDD can negatively impact professional and personal relationships and can have serious effects on the well-being of those […]

Benefits Of Jogging Include Increased Longevity

Important longevity news. Danish researchers have discovered one of the benefits of jogging is that joggers might well live a whole lot longer than those who don’t jog for at a minimum of an hour per week. on average a whopping 6.2 years longer for men, 5.6 years longer for women.

Regular jogging was […]

Menopause and Weight Gain

The studies conducted till today reveal the truth and the relation between menopause and weight gain. even though there are plenty of factors resulting in weight gain during menopause, both of them go hand in hand. it has been estimated that in around 90 percent of the menopausal women weight gain is seen a common […]

Sleep Apnea Treatment For Children

Sleep apnea is a common disorder among young children. It is one of the major factors behind inattentiveness and behavioral problems. Children, who have been diagnosed with ADHD and ADD, also have the sleeping disorder. this is why sleep apnea treatment is important.

Signs and Symptoms

It is extremely difficult to diagnose the condition in […]

Hot Tubs: Hygiene and Safety

Hot tubs have become common features of health clubs, gyms and even homes. But not all hot tub owners are aware of the hygiene and safety issues concerning them. Ignorance about some aspects may cause safety compromises and bodily infections.

The human skin is a carrier of microbes that shade off through the mucus or […]

Smoking Risks Can Help You Quit

Understanding that your risk is a very important factor it can prompt you to make a change in your routines and quit . your overall health may be in danger if you are a persistent smoker seeing that is liable for many unwanted issues. Taking the actions today to stop can easily increase the length […]

Safety Issues from the Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association understands that Alzheimer’s disease causes changes in the brain and body which significantly affect safety issues for the person with Alzheimer’s. Depending on the stage of your loved one’s disease, he or she may exhibit changes in judgment, abstract thinking and the important sense of time and place. just as it is […]

The Truth About Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes is a misunderstood illness, and I hope to dispel some myths with the publication of this post. Maybe the very first thing to note is that the majority of persons are infected with one strain of herpes – HSV 1, also identified as the popular cold sore! of course it has much less […]

The cost of infant formula in Women’s Health

Many women do not have a preference but meaningful a tangible price of stuff oneself for infants. it is probable for a price of baby formula, bottles as well as teats. You competence additionally recollect to take in to comment a price of antitoxin bottles as well as teats. but few women who select not […]