Reality show host Alison Sweeney stays in shape for self, family

“The biggest Loser” star Alison Sweeney shares her pregnancy and postpartum fitness tips in her book “The Mommy Diet.”

With a focus on “staying healthy through pregnancy and getting back in shape afterwards,” the “Days of our Lives” actress motivates women to “feel good emotionally and mentally.”

Alison talked to Celebrity Baby Scoop about […]

Lose weight while pregnant – Suggestions For Weight Loss During Being pregnant

Most professionals will advise you to achieve a few additional pounds when you are pregnant, however gaining an excessive amount of weight may be harmful for you and your baby. Being obese throughout pregnancy, also can led to issues in the delivery. Subsequently, girls who are obese are advised to reduce weight whereas pregnant. Nonetheless, […]

Pregnancy and Cold Sores

Cold sores during pregnancy seem to be a common occurrence for women infected by the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1). Pregnancy can weaken a woman’s immune system which will make her more prone to cold sore outbreaks.A cold sore can also be triggered by increased levels of stress.

Many women experience an increased number of cold […]

Massage and Pregnancy

Massage and Pregnancy

Hey Congratulations you’ve found out your having a baby –What Now!

You’ve heard all the things your friends and family have told about what to expect, Morning sickness, weight gain, pain, swelling Back aches, tiredness need I continue !

But hey there is a plus side to this- the miraculous body transformations […]

Is arthritis a menopause symptom?

I am over 50 and still not menopause yet. but lately I have morning stiffness and arthralgia in my small distant interphalangeal joints of both hands. Is this a premenopausal signs or is it a osteoporosis sign?

That would be an osteoporosis sign. I am 26 and I am actually in menopause medically induced. usually […]