Acne Treatment – How to Deal With the Dreaded Pimple

It never fails – a pimple shows up in the most obvious place when we have an important meeting or event to attend, or the ever important first date. it never comes in an inconspicuous place but out where the world can see. Pimples and acne have no regard for sex or age and […]

Get Rid Scabbed Pimple Fast

We’ve all had those mornings, waking up to meet the ‘mac daddy’ of zits or finding a red tide of acne. It’s usually on a big day too– before your date with a new guy or girl or, God forbid, the day of the prom. Emergency-cover-up mode is not a fun place to be, but […]

Treatments for Acne – Natural, Conventional and Mind-Body Medicine

Acne is caused by blocked hair follicles which get infected, causing inflammation and resulting in the dreaded pimple, aka zit. no one knows the exact cause of acne, though it correlates with hormonal fluctuations especially during adolescence, as well as with stress and unclean skin. Closed-pore pimples have the common whitehead appearance, while open-pore pimples […]

Treating Acne Scars

As if having a pimple wasn’t bad enough, there’s a good chance that when it’s gone, you’ll be left with a reminder of it. We’re talking acne scars.

To better understand acne scars, here’s a quick refresher on pimples. you get zits thanks to clogged pores. when dirt, oil, and dead skin cells clog pores, […]

Acne Removal

Acnes are prominent eruptions or inflammations that appear on the skin and create ugly marks or patches on the skin. These pimples or acne are caused as a result of excess secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands which are unable to make its way out of the skin pores. As a result of clogging […]

Adult Acne Treatments – Finding The Best For You

Your pimples are like a signboard. it is the first thing everybody sees when they look at your face. If you are like most acne sufferers the moment you pass by anything that reflects an image you tend to take a peep at your “pimples laced” face.

If you are reading this then it is […]

Back Acne – Treatment and Prevention Methods

Back acne, or ‘Bacne’, is a type of body acne that shows up on the back of our body in the form of pimples, blackheads, pustules, or cysts. it also tends to form on the upper arms and the buttocks, and can affect people as young as 10 years old. it is a very […]