Middle Back Pain On Right Side – What To Do?

Backache is a common problem, and middle back pain right side is one of many different types of back problems that can be experienced. the location of the pain is an important factor in helping to determine just what might be causing the problem, and if you are experiencing discomfort towards the right side […]

What Are the Causes of Pain in Lower Right Back?

Back pain is a complaint doctors hear about frequently. People want information on backaches. they want doctors to treat pain in the back. Many want to know the causes of pain in the lower right back.

Information about the Lower right Back

It is important to understand the structure of the lower right back if […]

How to Prevent Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is a very common complaint along with other factors, such as weight gain, food cravings, nausea, and morning sickness. There can be an array of reasons for this, as it is a multi-factorial issue. for example, it can happen because of the changes in activity level, spinal alignment, and weight or […]

Tips To Help Reduce Colon Pain

Colon pain is typically experienced in advanced colon cancer stages in the course of disease and treatment. at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), you can often times find relief for the pain. those centers provide a wide variety of complementary and supportive therapies, including pain management techniques, to help diminish pain related to colon […]

Pain Management – An Introduction to Pain Management

What is Pain Management? Pain management is a medical specialty that is rapidly growing in popularity and application. this specialty deals with the reduction of pain in the body by applying the principles of science and medicine. Today, it is common to come across medical doctors who have specialized in the treatment and management of […]

Perimenopause Symptom – Breast Pain

You don’t get to sleep well at night. Why? Because you’re stressed out, you have hot flashes and night sweats. But you don’t care about that. the worst part of your night is the tightness you feel in your breast, like it’s about to fall off any minute now.

Mastalgia (the medical term for breast […]

Safe and Natural Remedies for Hip Pain That Work

Hip pain can be very problematic as it can restrict the movement of the body, natural remedies can provide relief and promote smooth and pain free movements. There are many causes for hip pain, the thigh bone known as femur swivels in the socket at hip to join upper and lower torso of the body […]

Joint Pain: Causes and Treatments

For those people who are living with joint pain, life can sometimes be miserable. this debilitating condition robs people of mobility and also happiness. The causes of joint pain are varied and, fortunately, so are treatments for it.

Causes of Joint Pain

1. Injury — Strains, sprains, dislocations, separations and broken bones can all lead […]

Eliminating Upper Back Muscle Pain

Upper back muscle pain is almost never associated with back pain. However, this type of back pain can be just as chronic as the lower back, however, it is not as common. Poor posture is also one of the causes associated with upper back pain, as is a stationary job where you sit in one […]

Pain – Do You Really Know The Causes Of Severe Headache Pain?

For those of us who suffer from severe headache pain, we know that there is no such thing as a little headache. but, one good thing to know about severe headache pain is that 95% of headaches are not life-threatening, although I think I am going to die from the pain from time to time.