Alzheimer’s Disease – Plaques and Tangles in the Brain

There are various ways to refer to the Alzheimer’s disease because it one of the most common forms of dementia present in people. This degenerative mental disorder may be medically recognized as senile or primary degenerative dementia of the Alzheimer type. It is reported in older people although the symptoms may start at an […]

Cold Sore Treatment – How To Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast

Cold sores cause misery for millions of people by causing both physical discomfort as well as the mental anguish that goes with having an unsightly facial blemish that usually lasts from seven to ten days. The bad news is that there is no absolute cure for cold sores because the virus remains in your body […]

The Most Effective Cold Sore Treatments

Cold sores, also known fever blisters, are caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1. The virus will then lie dormant in your body’s nerve cells waiting for the ideal conditions that will activate it and then it travels to your mouth and nose area where it forms blisters.

Things that activate the herpes virus […]

Managing And Stopping Cold Sores From Occuring

Once afflicted with the herpes simplex virus, which is liable for cold sores, the average cold sore victim experiences a fresh outbreak once each 10 months. The issue with the virus is that once infected the physique cannot eliminate it, which is bad news for sufferers because it means that there are currently no full […]

Lysine For Cold Sores – An Amazing Cold Sore Treatment

Lysine – as a cold sore treatment – is a very powerful tool for you to use to get rid of cold sores.

Lysine has been in the news for a number of years. Since its discovery as a cold sore treatment, Lysine has proven itself time and again with real people like you […]

Genital herpes how long does it last

What is Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is a highly contagious infection that is caused by a virus. Genital herpes causes fluid-filled blisters or sores on the skin of the genitals (areas on or around the vagina or penis). The infection can also cause blisters on the anal opening, on the buttocks or thighs, inside the […]