How to Lose Weight Quickly – 6 Easy Steps to Weight Loss Success

No matter who you are, you can lose weight quickly with my smart and effective 6 step system – just implement it and see.

When you want to lose weight quick, there is certain steps that you have to take to ensure that you succeed. And let me tell you it will take some […]

Motivation – The 3 Aspects of Human Behavior You Must Know to Succeed

Motivation can be defined in numerous ways, but there are two basic definitions or descriptions. it can be defined as the main reason or reasons that individuals partake in a certain behavior, specifically human behavior pursuant to the study of psychology or neuropsychology. it can also be defined as the driving force that initiates and […]

Motivation – A Transformational Leadership Skill

How many times have you awakened in the morning and did not want to go to work? But you went in anyway, not because you wanted to or had to, but because your commitment to the organizational goal and the leadership was important. That is the effect of transformational leadership, it motivates you not only […]

Getting Rid of Your Lack of Motivation For Good

Lack of motivation is like a vacuum – it can suck the life and energy right out of you If you are reading this, it is probably something that you struggle with. It is probably something that holds you back in life. you need to come to the realization that having a perpetual lack of […]

Motivation Tips for Working Out

In this era where a fit and sexy body is coveted by many, people are desperate to shape up their bodies. Everyone knows that good overall fitness is due to physical activities, but honestly, it’s easier said than done. Many people know the ways to work their muscles and sweat it out but the problem […]

Weight Loss and Motivation: How to Stick to a Diet

Have you tried and failed countless diets? Did you find yourself highly motivated in the first days and weeks of a new food plan only to have cravings demolish all your hard work? If you’re like most people, maintaining permanent dietary change is difficult at best. The problem is that most dieters neglect to learn […]

How to Find Your Motivation


The key to success is having the motivation to follow through with your ideas and put them into action; to set goals and actively work towards achieving them.

Well it’s just about that time of year; the holidays and the new Years resolutions So what is it about the new Year that induces the […]

Self Help To Motivation – Boost Your Own Morale

Motivation is something that may drive a person towards success, and it is crucial to possess an inner motivation to view life in an optimistic way. as every person is different from another, self help to motivation also varies based on the priorities, as something that is motivating to you, may not catch the interest […]

Help I Lost My Motivation

Some days its just all too hard Finding and maintaining motivation needs to be worked at sometimes – if you need to work at it, here are some tips to make it easier

So many people have a really hard time finding motivation, especially if they have to do things that they don’t actually enjoy […]

Fasting with lemon juice and honey for weight loss?

I am planning to do a fast for 7 days in order to rapidly lose some weight. But the main reason I am planning on fasting is so that I can get rid of my bad eating habits and have a completely different approach to food. after my fast I plan on starting a diet […]