The Frightening But True Facts About Smoking

If you think that smoking is a harmless little hobby and all the people harping on you to quit are overreactors, think again. Smoking is the number ONE preventable cause of premature death and morbidity in America. there is nothing more dangerous you can be doing to your health. And it isn’t just bad […]

What Are The Types Of Lung Infections?

There are several very common types of lung infections that you probably know about. There are also some not-so-common lung infections whose names probably sound familiar, but they’re no longer prevalent in most developed countries. You may not know as much about these. We’ll cover them, nonetheless, in this article.

There are two types of […]

Lung Cancer – Are Women More Preoccupied About Breast Cancer?

Lung cancer is among the most common cancers in the Western world. Lung cancer occurs due to the growth of malignant or abnormal cells in the lung. it is the third most common cancer in males and the fifth in females. yet lung cancer is increasingly becoming a woman’s problem. The risk for dying of […]

Treatment For Pneumonia – Natural Vs Pharmacological

People would most likely opt for a pharmacological medication as a treatment for pneumonia. but what really works as well as these medications?

Pneumonia is the medical term used to refer to the infection that occurs in the lungs. This is caused by microorganisms which include fungi, viruses and bacteria.

This condition usually starts in […]

Cure for Lung Cancer

It would be false to assume that there is cure for lung cancer especially if it has reached the terminal stages or the stages 3 and 4. when cancer reaches these stages, there is a very slim chance that the cancer can be cured.

However, there are several treatments which can be done in order […]

Sleep Apnea

Not breathing for several seconds to even longer times can be a life threatening condition. Often your deep sleep is disturbed by this condition and your rest cycle disrupted. in extreme cases, it has even been found that a person will fall asleep at their work place or, even worse, while waiting for a traffic […]

What Smoking Really Does to Your Lungs

You know how smoking affects your body – it increases risk of cancers, heart diseases, stroke, etc. it doesn’t choose its victims – it has no respect for class, gender, or race. it strikes whoever is nearest, making no distinction between the smoker and the innocent nonsmoker.

Smoking affects secondhand smokers, nonsmokers who inadvertently breathe […]

What Can Cause Chest Pain

Chest pain causes can be very serious and accordingly the patient is put through a serious of tests to rule out these serious causes.

Tests for chest pain include ICCU monitoring, pathology, radiology, ECG, Echo, etc. however, there are other causes for chest pain and not all of them are serious. let us see what […]

The Cause of Influenza + Pneumonia Information

For those who are interested, this article provides, what we hope is easily understandable information about the cause of influenza + pneumonia information. The biggest threat associated with influenza is that some people develop complications; pneumonia being the most serious. in fact the Bureau of Vital Statistics reports annual deaths associated with the two on […]

Asthma Cough Treatment

Millions of people are affected by asthma daily, and most of them have to be on medicine. however, just being on medication does not completely get rid of the asthma symptoms, with the most common symptom being coughing.

There are lots of different asthma treatments in the world today, ranging from natural, herbal and medicinal. […]