Should I Get a Radon Inspection?

My answer to homeowners and prospective homebuyers who ask whether they should get a radon inspection is: yes, just make sure you’re not being overcharged (check with local radon inspectors/testers to get a range of the standard market prices). In my opinion, you’re better off safe than sorry.

What is radon? Radon is a […]

The Frightening But True Facts About Smoking

If you think that smoking is a harmless little hobby and all the people harping on you to quit are overreactors, think again. Smoking is the number ONE preventable cause of premature death and morbidity in America. there is nothing more dangerous you can be doing to your health. And it isn’t just bad […]

Lung Cancer – Are Women More Preoccupied About Breast Cancer?

Lung cancer is among the most common cancers in the Western world. Lung cancer occurs due to the growth of malignant or abnormal cells in the lung. it is the third most common cancer in males and the fifth in females. yet lung cancer is increasingly becoming a woman’s problem. The risk for dying of […]

Lung Cancer – Warning Signs and Symptoms

Lung cancer being the most fatal of all the cancers worldwide is regarded as one of the leading causes of death amongst both men and women in the U.S. It is the most universal form of cancer in men worldwide whereas, the fifth most common form of cancer in women.

In medical terminology, the malevolent […]

Lung Cancer – Symptoms You Should Look Out For

The implications of lung cancer are fatal and hence its seriousness cannot be undermined. Though steps cannot always be taken to prevent the disease, its symptoms can be understood and the paranoia reduced. a basic awareness of lung cancer symptoms can help us combat the disease.

The following are the frequently reported symptoms of lung […]

Preventing Radon Gas Infiltration

Radon is a radioactive gas that is known to increase the chance of cancer in humans. the gas is formed by the decay of other radioactive elements in the soil below and surrounding a building. Radon is a heavy gas that accumulates in the lowest level of a building. if it is a home built […]

Radon Is Not the Only Soil Gas That Can Cause Serious Harm to Indoor Air Quality

Radon is responsible for about 20,000 lung cancer deaths annually and the World Health Organization (WHO) will warn that the rampant enemy of indoor air quality is a global problem.

But lost in the important outreach announcements will be an obvious but rarely discussed truth: Radon is only one of many soil gases that can […]

Lung Cancer and the Symptoms

With 164,000 new cases in the United States and 20,600 new cases diagnosed in Canada every year, lung cancer is the third most common type of cancer in the North America. although ranked below the prostate and breast cancer on the prevalence, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States […]

Smoking Fetish Of Women

According to one of the researches, it has been found that the smell and taste of cigarettes play a greater role in women’s smoking behavior than in that of men. another study found that cognitive-behavioral therapy aimed at changing attitudes about weight promotes smoking cessation by women. Even if we compare their stats with men, […]

Lung Cancer Early Signs and Symptoms

Lung cancer is a form of disease wherein the cell tissues of the lungs of the body start growing invariably and continuously. mostly, the growth of cell tissues is uncontrollable. This cancer is one of the most commonly found types of cancer often resulting into death. one of the major causes of lung stated is […]