Study doubts value of liver cancer screening

Screening people with alcoholic liver damage for signs of cancer may not be worth the expense or other downsides, a new report says.

Alcoholism can lead to cirrhosis, or scarring, of the liver. People with cirrhosis have a higher-than-average risk of developing liver cancer, but it is not clear whether screening people with cirrhosis […]

Liver Cancer Early Signs and Symptoms

Liver cancer symptoms are the most basic parameters confirming presence of cancerous cells and tumors in liver areas. Early signs also prompt a person to carry further diagnosis and help in early identification and tracing of cancerous polyps. One of the best ways of identifying symptoms this at the earliest is to go for regular […]

Factors You Should Know Relating to Metastatic Liver Cancer

Metastatic liver cancer will be the saying used to clarify the kind of cancer which comes elsewhere inside you and advances towards the liver. This type of cancer can even be referred to as additional cancer and might always be fatal when the proper treatment methods are not given for sale in the very first […]