Common Stop Smoking Techniques – Which is More Effective?

Are you ready to give up the cigarettes once and for all? If so, then it’s worth your time to seriously consider the most common stop smoking techniques and assess how likely they are to lead you to complete success. the truth is that most people stumble more than once before they are finally […]

How Fast Can You Lose Weight

do you know that when you lose weight, you apparently do not lose fats only, but you will lose muscle and water as well? Generally, studies show that in weight reduction diet, the average percentage of body fat that will be eliminated is 75% fat and 25% muscle. Most of this percentage is likely […]

Longevity – Juicing For Health, Nutrition, and Exercise

Juicing for health. Let’s examine that phrase for a second. I mean, why do we juice? Is it because we love the sound of our wonderful counter top machines? No. (some cheap juicers sound like muscle cars with broken mufflers) Is it because we love to see veggies and fruits getting sliced and diced like […]

Fasting Diets

People throughout history have used fasting as a form of protest or as means of spiritual meditation. in today’s image conscious society, fasting diets are one of the many extreme weight loss methods people use to try to control their weight.

There are many variations on the theory of fasting for weight loss, total […]

Yoga Poses

If you have observed from a distance people doing yoga poses, you would think they are latter day contortionists. You could be wrong, they are wise people who have realized well in time how easily and relatively inexpensively they can keep their bodies healthy, literally fit as a fiddle.

Yoga poses are the best way […]

6 Tips For Planning A Simple Weight Loss Diet

A simple weight loss diet plan enables one to follow the plan religiously as there are not many complexities. it is also an ideal way to achieve a healthy and improved lifestyle. the diet plan requires one to remain focused on the ultimate goal. the diet plan can be formulated to require a few modifications […]

Effective Herbs For Stress Reduction

It’s normal to feel a little stressed or overwhelmed at times especially if your days are full of activity and it’s difficult to find time for yourself. Herbs for stress can help support feelings of calm and balance and can add some extra effectiveness to any stress management tactics you may already be using.

It’s […]

Eat Stop Eat – How to Lose Weight by Fasting

Fasting to lose weight is becoming more popular these days. however, most people don’t know how to lose weight by fasting and end up doing it all wrong. if you don’t know how to lose weight by fasting, then do not attempt it because you might damage your body and disrupt your emotional well being. […]

Besides the seven signs of cancer are there any other ways of finding out if a person has the disease?

Recently a neighbour died from cancer. Although I visited this person, I could not tell. A relative said that the doctor found fluid on his lungs and could do nothing about it.What are some of the common and not so common signs of cancer whether in male or female?

There are dozens of kinds of […]

How Fruits Play A Vital Role In Relaxation From Stress?

With the stress becoming a part of day to day routine, relaxation has come up as a major therapy for heeling it. Contemporary and modern world has come with a whole new avatar of what was considered to be simple tiredness, which is stress and anxiety. it is a known fact that relaxation is answer […]