How to Thicken Up Thin Skin Under the Eyes

It is not unusual to find thin skin under the eyes. all of us have significantly thinner skin in this part of our face. because of that, it is susceptible to connective tissue damages.

If you inflict a little force on it, the tissues might get damaged and will cause the fats to erode […]

Acne Laser Treatment – Effective Acne Treatment

Laser treatment of acne can be very effective. it is also moderately painful and can be quite expensive. most insurance plans do not cover the procedure. Any area of the body can be treated with a laser but the most common area is the face. if you have persistent acne that does not respond well […]

Sun Burn Facts

If you have a private practice, a sunburned client might return from vacation for his or her regular, weekly massage. if you work at a resort or on a cruise ship, your client may have a one-time visit and want a massage as part of the amenities the ship has to offer. In either […]