The Facts About Alzheimer’s and How it Works

Here is some basic information about this disease called Alzheimer’s disease, or AD.

What is Alzheimer’s disease? the condition is a physical illness that changes the brain tissues and nerve cells. Alzheimer’s in summary is another form of dementia. Dementia affects a person’s memory, their mood, and behaviors. Some of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s […]

Smoking Cessation in Adolescent Smokers

Much has been studied to further understand smoking initiation in adolescents and smoking cessation in adults, including the social cognitive theory of self-efficacy and outcome expectations. nevertheless, their role as predictors of quitting smoking requires further study. it is important to develop measures of self efficacy to resist smoking in various situations identified by adolescents […]

How to Cure Diabetes Naturally

People with diabetes may inherit it genetically from previous family generations. however, besides the genetic cause, diabetes is in fact can be triggered by the diet habitual. Certainly, when someone consumes diet that is rich of sugar, this may drive him or her to blood sugar problems in the future. therefore, you must pay […]