30 Ways to Prevent Heart Attacks

1. Biking

The benefits of regular exercise have been unanimous in promoting physical health. Studies have shown that regular workouts have reduced the risks of heart attacks and other cardiovascular ailments.

2. Dark Chocolate

Flavonoids contained in dark chocolate are anti-inflammatory agents, which also maintain arterial flexibility, apart from reducing cholesterol levels in the […]

Four Vegetables Every Athlete Should Eat


Beans are a very nutritional vegetable for an athlete to consume on a regular basis, and it can help him or her lower his or her cholesterol. Beans have a high amount of protein in them, which can help an athlete build stronger muscles, help him or her tone muscles, and can prevent injuries. […]

Filling Up on Fiber – Health

Fiber is found only in plants. Food fibers are the part of plant foods that remain undigested. There are several different types of fiber, but they are commonly separated into two major classes — soluble and insoluble. You need to include both types of fiber in your diet for good health. While some foods are […]

Can Smoking Help You Lose Weight?

Smoking is highly damaging to your body and it is not an activity I recommend you participate in. however, there are limited advantages associated with this habit. One such advantage is that smoking can help you lose weight. In this article I discuss how it helps you lose weight and compare this with the damage […]

What is Andropause?

Andropause is the result of very low testosterone levels in the male body.

Studies show that this decline in testosterone can put a man’s health at risk. A man going through andropause is susceptible to health problems such heart disease and bones density depletion.

Since this condition occurs in men who are in their midlife, […]

Did You Know, Lack of Sleep Causes Weight Gain

What’s the big deal about not getting enough sleep? what can a few missed hours really do to you? Something you might not have considered is this; the more sleep you loose, the more weight you gain Lack of sleep can cause you to gain up to 10 pounds of fat per year, for each […]

Prevent Heart Failure with Healthy Lifestyle and Medication

Heart failure happens when the heart can’t pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs. the American Heart Association says heart failure is a growing epidemic. the June issue of Mayo Clinic Health Letter covers some reasons for the increased prevalence of heart failure and options to help prevent it.

Heart failure often develops after […]

How to Reverse Heart Disease

It does not require with the intention of living tops in the midst of the surprise of coronary heart problems. proviso individual suffers commencing a heart attack, at that moment he must not offer positive as well as ponder it headed for be real the stop of fit corpus as a consequence stop of life. […]

12 Foods With Super-Healing Powers

As part of a healthy diet, whole foods play a significant role in helping our bodies function optimally. There are hundreds of extremely nutritious whole foods, but the dozen on this list do more than contribute healthy nutrients — they help you heal. in fact, every food on this list boasts multiple healing effects, from […]

Taking Care Of Your Lungs

Pulmonary heart disease is a complication of either acute or chronic lung disease. Because it does not develop until the lung disease is at an advanced stage, pulmonary heart disease is difficult to diagnose in an early stage.

When an individual’s lungs are damaged from infection, smoking, or inhaling toxins, or if they develop an […]