The Basics of Pregnancy, Exercise and Diet

Pregnancy, exercise, diet – when the first one occurs, then the other two should follow as well. the key in ensuring a good and smooth-sailing pregnancy lies in the inclusion of a healthy diet and exercise routine in a pregnant woman’s lifestyle. out of the myriad of diet plans and exercise programs out there, […]

Vitamins For Prostate Health

Vitamins and Minerals for a Healthy Prostate

One of the ways a man can make certain that he gets and maintain a healthy prostate is by making sure they are not vitamin or mineral deficient.

Below are 8 Vitamins and Minerals that have been shown to have a positive effect on the prostate.

The […]

Metabolic Diet – The First Steps Back From Metabolic Syndrome

This articles show you how the metabolic diet will remove the challenge of incorporating dietary advice for each of the underlying diseases and set you off on a healthy diet based on a set of easy to follow guidelines. let us first outline the characteristics of metabolic syndrome, sometimes also called Syndrome X, Reaven’s syndrome […]

Physical Activity Plays Important Role in Managing Type-2 Diabetes

Exercise is a key player in managing type-2 diabetes. Combining exercise with proper diet and medication, if prescribed, can help you effectively manage your blood sugar levels, assist with weight control and reduce the serious health risks associated with diabetes. in a recent study, the Diabetes Prevention Program showed that modest weight loss of 5 […]

Diet Menus – Suggestions For a Healthy Diet

If you are considering losing those extra pounds by enrolling in or purchasing one of those fad diet programs there are a few things that you need to know about diets and diet menus. Regulating your diet and losing weight is as simple as burn more calories than you consume. for an active adult, the […]

Weight Loss – Hair Loss – Is There a Link Between Weight Loss and Hair Loss


There are various causes of hair loss and there is a question about the connection if there is one, between weight loss and hair loss. Understanding weight loss especially extreme weight loss or crash dieting is important when attempting to answer this question.

Weight Reduction

Most people have at some point in their lives […]

Vegetarian Lifestyle

For those who want to lose weight they should seriously consider the vegetarian diet. The process of weight loss can be tough for those who stick with the traditional diet of meat and potatoes. many people find that they can easily lose the extra pounds when they switch to the vegetarian lifestyle. The vegetarian diet […]

Herbal and Natural Remedies for Common Tooth and Gum Ailments

While you can best achieve and maintain good tooth and gum health naturally with a long-term preventative, holistic approach that combines herbs and other natural substances with a healthy diet, an effective daily oral-hygiene routine, and regular dental check-ups, for those times when you still experience tooth and gum discomforts or ailments, a wide variety […]

Why are people following high-protein diets advised to drink large volumes of water?

High protein diets are very stressfull for the kidneys. I guess drinking a lot of water will help to flush out the waste material from the kidneys. I personally don’t believe in any diet that focuses only on one food group. I think a little bit of everything in moderation is what constitutes a […]

What is the best diet to prevent Diabetes?

Diabetes runs very strong in my family. my grandmother had her leg amputated because of it and now my mother has it. Is there a good strict diet or eating plan out there so that I can lower my chances of getting it? Ive already started monitoring my blood sugar on a daily basis. […]