All truth about vitamins: Cold Sore Symptoms – Amazing Facts About Your Cold Sores

Are you curious about cold sore symptoms? Do you want to know what to expect, with cold sores, fever blisters or oral herpes outbreaks? in a minute you will certainly know what to expect from your cold sore symptoms.

Do you sometimes wonder whether your cold sore symptoms are normal? believe me, this is […]

Headache, Vomiting, Ringing in Ears – Signs of Tinnitus

If you’ve experienced headache, vomiting and ringing in the ear, you may be experiencing signs of Tinnitus. sometimes, Tinnitus can cause symptoms that seem like a typical cold or a lingering virus. For this reason, many people don’t think twice about those symptoms and simply wait for them to go away on their own. […]

Headache – Causes and Treatment Options

Everyone gets a headache from time to time. Some get them more often than others do. there are several different types of headache and there are many factors that can trigger the onset of a headache. some medications even list headache as a side affect. some headaches can be the side affects of a more […]

All About Back of the Head Headache

One of the most common searches in Google is about the different types of headaches particularly back of the head headache. as a matter of fact, there is average of 5400 people who uses this keyword every month. So, what is the cause of this kind of headache and why people are prone to suffer […]

Headache Treatment

Headaches have occurred to almost everyone at some point. These headaches can range from mild irritations to a debilitating pain crisis that demands immediate treatment. Headaches are researched across the medical community, but causes remain a mystery. the medical community has broken headaches into a few easily classified categories. Primary headaches are by far the […]

The Painful Side Effect of Excessive Self-Gratification – Can Masturbation Cause Headaches?

We’ve spoken quite a bit about the perils of Sexual Exhaustion. for men, the threat of impotence and hair loss is enough to put your sexual habits in check. However, for the rest of the guys who aren’t worried about that yet, it may surprise you to hear one of the symptoms of excessive Self-Gratification […]

After Exercise Headache – More Serious Than You Think?

It’s surprisingly common – you’re exercising, everything’s fine, and then POW – a headache strikes or, sometimes, a headache hits while you’re exercising. Is it just a minor annoyance? or could it be a signal that something serious is going on? Should you go to the doctor, or just shrug it off?

If you already […]

Ask the Doctor – Can Chiropractic Help Headaches?

Headaches are painful, elusive, and one of the most common physical symptoms that people face throughout their lifetime. Pain can occur with a variety of intensity, frequency, location, and duration, and often is debilitating. Just as there are many types and causes of headaches, there are also many treatments that can relieve them without the […]

What Should You Do if You Think You are Having a Stroke?

A stroke or the so called brain attack causes a serious injury to the brain. It is connected with blockage of the blood supply to the brain or with bleeding inside the brain. in both cases brain cells stop receiving the oxygen and the other substances needed to function normally and start dying.

If you […]

Lots of Common Details relating to Tension Headache

Amongst the most common categories of primary headaches is tension headache, that is as well recognized as tension-type headache, as that was called from the International Headache Society. Almost 90% of one’s head pain might be within this category plus they can hang around from thirty minutes to 1 week.

Tension Headache Warning signs

Affected […]