Ditch Your Dysfunctional Diet and Learn to Love Your Food

Deciding to go on a diet is easy. Sticking to one is a completely different story. Countless diet books and infomercials promise slimmer waists and longer lives. more legitimately, doctors and news articles deliver (sometimes conflicting) suggestions for you: decrease your portions, drink more water, eat more greens, and so on. too often, none of […]

8 Most Popular Diets Today

People are obsessed with diets. they are constantly seeking the right diet to help them lose weight. There are currently eight popular diets that have worked effectively for many people and providing more options for dieting.

1. Atkins Diet focuses on controlling the levels of insulin in the body through the food consumed. it is […]

Fasting Diets

People throughout history have used fasting as a form of protest or as means of spiritual meditation. in today’s image conscious society, fasting diets are one of the many extreme weight loss methods people use to try to control their weight.

There are many variations on the theory of fasting for weight loss, total […]

Paleo Diet – Juice Diet Detox

The Paleo Diet is not really a diet, it is a change in your eating habits and one of the best way to start this process is through an initial juice diet detox. some people think that the juice diets are just a fad, but actually it is far from a fad. it is not […]

Selecting The Best Diet – Tips To Remember

Choosing a diet is almost as difficult as staying on track with one for some people! you could spend all day reading articles and books as well as looking at sites on diets as new ones come out each week. so how exactly do you choose the best diet? you first have to realize that […]

Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss – Will Intermittent Fasting Work?


Intermittent fasting will work for weight loss because it’s one of the few ways of dieting where you will feel satisfied. When you start to lose weight eating this way, you will see that it’s different than other diets. It shouldn’t even really be called a diet. This way of eating can easily be […]

Vitamins and Supplements – A Sure-Fire Way to Maintain Optimal Health


Vitamins and supplements are an important part of a healthy diet, considering most people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, and are also important in maintaining the health of the body. They are necessary today more than ever because our food contains fewer nutrients, our environment is more toxic and almost all Americans have […]

Diet facts vs diet fiction

From controlling your weight by going on a detox diet to using sauna belt waist slimming machines, there are endless tricks that claim to give you that extra edge in weight loss.

The problem arises when you end up more confused than when you first started on your weight loss journey. you don’t know what […]

Low-Carb Diets And Diabetes

In a low-carb diet, the carbohydrate consumption is limited to about 5-10 percent, so that protein and fats take precedence within one’s eating habits, in order to keep sated and avoid bouts associated with hunger. It is in maintaining that feeling of volume that one is able to avoid craving for sweets, which is a […]

Candida Diet Recipes Don’t Have To Be Boring

If you are keen to eradicate yeast infections from your body, then Candida diet recipes are essential. You will need to eliminate foods from your diet which feed the Candida. to many sufferers, this translates to going on very restrictive Candida Diet which means going without all the foods they love eating. this doesn’t have […]