Alzheimer’s Disease – Plaques and Tangles in the Brain

There are various ways to refer to the Alzheimer’s disease because it one of the most common forms of dementia present in people. This degenerative mental disorder may be medically recognized as senile or primary degenerative dementia of the Alzheimer type. It is reported in older people although the symptoms may start at an […]

Alzheimers – The Facts

Someone in your family has Alzheimers disease, and you’ve been gathering info on Alzheimers disease to try to help you make decisions about what to do next, but everything you find is so scientific and complicated. what can you tell your kids to make them understand why their grandfather or uncle doesn’t recognize them anymore? […]

Alzheimer’s Cure – An Effective Way

Alzheimer’s is a progressive brain disorder. Brain cells are destroyed, leading to difficulties with memory. the social life, work and hobbies are negatively affected by the thinking and behaviors exhibited due to the disease’s destruction of brain cells. in the United States Alzheimer’s is the seventh leading cause of death. it affects approximately 5.3 million […]

Symptoms For Elders Needing Dementia or Alzheimer’s Care


Many of us grow concerned when we see our parents or other aging loved ones having trouble remembering stuff that they used have no trouble recalling. It’s sad to see what the aging process does to us and how it causes our memories to fail. and though we also need to keep in mind […]

Memory Aids Dementia

Alzheimer’s isn’t the only explanation for dementia. other causes include vascular dementia caused by strokes, Lewy body disease, Parkinson’s disease, frontotemporal dementia, and other disorders. Proper diagnosis can influence treatment.

Dementia isn’t a disease; it’s a symptom. the term refers to a loss of brain function, as evidenced by memory loss, impaired judgment, behavior changes, […]

Increased B Vitamin Intake May Prevent Alzheimer Disease

Vitamin B may prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists in England today announced their findings that indicate very high levels of vitamin B that are taken on a daily basis can have a significant effect on elderly people and the rate at which their brains shrink each year.

Researchers at Oxford University disclosed the finding of a […]