All truth about vitamins: Cold Sore Symptoms – Amazing Facts About Your Cold Sores

Are you curious about cold sore symptoms? Do you want to know what to expect, with cold sores, fever blisters or oral herpes outbreaks? in a minute you will certainly know what to expect from your cold sore symptoms.

Do you sometimes wonder whether your cold sore symptoms are normal? believe me, this is […]

Lysine For Cold Sores – Heal Sores While You Sleep

Lysine for your cold sores can be an exceptionally powerful treatment. maybe you have attempted to use it without the promised results. maybe you have not tried it yet. No matter what, read this excellent report. it tells how lysine performs so well and the one big mistake a lot of herpes victims make trying […]

Cold Sore Treatment – How To Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast

Cold sores cause misery for millions of people by causing both physical discomfort as well as the mental anguish that goes with having an unsightly facial blemish that usually lasts from seven to ten days. The bad news is that there is no absolute cure for cold sores because the virus remains in your body […]

Cold Sores Treatment – Prescription and Over-the-Counter Treatments

Basic Essential Information About cold Sores and the Herpes Simplex Virus

Cold sores are an external symptom of infection by the herpes simplex type 1 virus (although it’s rare, it is possible for the type 2 strain, normally responsible for genital herpes, to cause cold sores), for which there is, regrettably, no cure currently known–once […]

Cold Sore Treatments That Will Rid of Cold Sores Quickly

In this article I’d like to go over natural cold sore remedies that have been proven to work and are really effective. We’ll start with essential oils of certain plant that have been known to combat the virus that crates cold sores. Scientist have discovered that there are a wide variety of plant oils that […]

How To Treat Cold Sores Effectively

If you frequently suffer from cold sores you already know how unpleasant the condition can be. although it isn’t serious in most people, it does make life quite miserable due to soreness and the knowledge that on your normally perfect face you’re now wearing an ugly open sore. you may have tried some treatments already […]

Treating Cold Sores

Cold sores are painful lesions that generally form on the lips, chin, cheeks or even the nostrils. They start out as blisters and turn into a yellow crusted, painful sore. Caused by the HSV-1 virus, they generally last for two weeks. Although, there is no cure for the HSV-1 virus, there are a few things […]

Best Cold Sore Treatments – Best Options

One thing which does help the problem is drinking a lot of water and a lot of juices. This will not only hydrate a person, but it will also ensure that the the right time of the cold sores process of recovery is decrease. If you do not address it for at some time, it […]

Cold Sore Treatment – Are Over-The-Counter Medications Any Good?

When you are struggling with the pain and itch from your cold sores, any kind of cold sore treatment that can offer relief to you would be a blessing to you.

The cold sore medications available over the counter (OTC) are broadly categorized into 3 main groups, each for one function. one group provides pain […]

Cold Sores – Getting Rid Of Cold Sores

As soon as one appears then straight away getting rid of a cold sore becomes a priority. But the difficulty is that getting rid of them is easier said than done, especially if you want to get rid of your cold sore quickly for say an important interview or a social event. as we look […]