Smokers Lungs

Twenty percent of all Americans smoke. The World Health Organization describes smoking as an epidemic around the world. Smoking has become a blight on those in the lower socio-economic cultures of the world. Tobacco companies have revenues in the billions. All this without advertisement on television or radio. so why?

This type of economic juggernaut […]

Alzheimer’s Cure – An Effective Way

Alzheimer’s is a progressive brain disorder. Brain cells are destroyed, leading to difficulties with memory. the social life, work and hobbies are negatively affected by the thinking and behaviors exhibited due to the disease’s destruction of brain cells. in the United States Alzheimer’s is the seventh leading cause of death. it affects approximately 5.3 million […]

Diabetes Deadly Foe

Diabetes, commonly know as “sugar diabetes”, is a condition that occurs when the body is unable to properly produce or use insulin. Insulin is needed by the body to process sugar, starches and other foods into energy. Diabetes is a chronic condition for which there is no known cure; diabetes is a serious disease and […]