Asprin helps prevent heart attack, now researchers report it also cuts risk of cancer

Research has shown taking low-doses of aspirin can cut the risk of cancer.

The society working with an international team of experts on cancer prevention is expected to publish a statement on the risks and benefits of long-term aspirin use within weeks.

“We will say this looks very important and needs to be further […]

What is the best cancer prevention you can recommend?

Cancer runs all over my family and I want to provide my family with the best chance of prevention.. as a mom and as a wife. what cancer prevention tips do you have? Look for Food, Herbs, General Health tips etc. Thanks!

Here are some tips to prevent cancer: You can lower your overall cancer […]

Aspirin Reduces Risk of Death From a Range of Cancers, Researchers Find

Healthy middle-aged men and women may benefit the most from taking aspirin over a long period. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Aspirin, a century-old medicine knownto relieve pain and prevent blood clots, also reduces the riskof death from a variety of cancers, researchers said.

Taking 75 milligrams of aspirin a day for more than fiveyears cut deaths […]