Scientists hail cancer research discovery

Scientists hail cancer research discovery

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Scientists have claimed a major breakthrough which could lead to more effective treatments for throat and cervical cancers.

Queen’s University Belfast said the discovery could see the development of new therapies to target non-cancerous cells surrounding a tumour, as well as the tumour itself. Cancer […]

The Cure for Cancer?

Apparently everyone has cancer cells or pre-cancerous cells in their body and the body’s immune system disposes of these naturally. It’s only when the immune system is down that the body is unable to fight and dispose of these cells that they begin to multiply to a detectable level.

The malignant cells will not show […]

Lung Cancer

Cancer is a well known disease to almost all of us. Every year many victims are falling prey to this deadly disease. Up to now no such medicine has been discovered that can cure cancer disease. Cancer develops in the form of a tumor and slowly and steadily these cancer cells increase in number. the […]

The Ultimate cancer Resource

If you would like to know more about cancer – then you will want to read this article. It includes plenty of information about this subject that is sure to help you better understand the ins and outs that seem to confuse most people. It really does not have to be difficult to understand. The […]

Cancer Of The Breast Chemotherapy Treatment

Chemotherapy is commonly abbreviated and typically referred to as ‘Chemo’. It’s a systematic treatment currently in use to kill cancer cells. it affects the whole of the body by going through the bloodstream. it uses medicines to weaken and destroy cells inside a cancer affected area. it can be used with the idea to shrink […]

Treatment for lung Cancer

Lung cancer currently ranks as the leading cause of cancer related death in men and women. Although continuing to decline in men, there are three steps involved in the process of lung cancer treatment using PDT. In stage one, a drug called photogram is injected intravenously. Chemotherapy involves using medications that kill cancer cells to […]

When you start smoking, how long will it take for you to develop lung cancer?

Is it possible to smoke and never develop lung cancer? I don't smoke but my daughter and son-in-law do .They are so young, I wish they would quit.Just curious about how long it takes to develop lung cancer once you start smoking…Lana

you get it the day you started

There's no set time. you […]

Lung Cancer Symptoms – Disease and Treatment Options

The picture of lung disease is that of no hope. Lung cancer affects millions of Americans and others around the world. Understanding the symptoms, treatments, causes such as smoking, and signs will help to increase awareness of this debilitating lung disease. This section of the website is devoted to helping to promote awareness of […]