Reverse The Aging Process

THE IDEA that aging inevitably means gaining weight and having high blood pressure, high triglycerides, high cholesterol levels, and arthritis is widely accepted. Since so many people have these problems, we think of them as normal. even doctors are likely to say that when you get to be a certain age, these conditions are to […]

How Resveratrol Functions As a Calorie Restricted Diet

Among the many benefits of resveratrol is acting like a calorie restricted diet. In other words, it imitates the reaction of a diet that is calorie restricted. Thus, one will be taking fewer calories without having to suffer hunger pangs. Calorie restriction has proven to prolong the start of age-related diseases like osteoporosis, cancer and […]

Symptoms For Elders Needing Dementia or Alzheimer’s Care


Many of us grow concerned when we see our parents or other aging loved ones having trouble remembering stuff that they used have no trouble recalling. It’s sad to see what the aging process does to us and how it causes our memories to fail. and though we also need to keep in mind […]

Modulating a Protein in the Brain Could Help Control Alzheimer’s Disease

Newswise — A protein known to exist in the brain for more than 30 years, called 5-lipoxygenase, has been found to play a regulatory role in the formation of the amyloid beta in the brain, the major component of plaques implicated in the development of Alzheimer’s disease, according to researchers at Temple University’s School of […]

Anti Aging Vitamins: 5 Keys To A Longer Life

Anti Aging Vitamins

As the baby boomer age group gets older, we discover ourselves trying to hold back the hands of time. Even though it’s a useless effort, we are all attempting to stay as young looking (and feeling) as we can for as long as we can.

How can we effectively slow down […]