Love the skin you’re in: 15 surprising tricks to keep it healthy and glowing

1 Cut out white bread for fewer spots

Although doctors have said diet has no bearing on acne, a recent Australian study showed that a low GI diet did help decrease spots.

This means swapping white refined carbs such as bread, cereal and pasta for wholemeal varieties.

2 Sleep on your back to beat wrinkles


Therapy for Teenage Depression

Therapy for Teenage Depression – from the Roots to the End

Studies and researches have shown that early therapy can save your teenager from depression. Up to 1 in 12 teenagers can be a victim of depression and three times as many will experience depression at least by the time they turn 18 years old. […]

A chemical to make brain cells grow

Scientists have identified a chemical that makes new neurones grow. the substance works specifically in a part of the brain that is integral to learning and memory.

The discovery, made after researchers systematically and painstakingly infused each of 1,000 different chemicals into the brains of live mice, could point the way to a new […]