Treating Arthritis With Chiropractic and Acupuncture Care

Arthritis can affect anyone–men or women, children to senior adults. Generally when we think of arthritis we think of the most common type of arthritis, osteoarthritis, which occurs through general wear and tear on the joints as we age. yet arthritis, which is the inflammation of a joint or joints, can occur at any age […]

Pain Therapy

Ear acupuncture certainly cannot cure all diseases, for example Multiple Sclerosis, but that doesn’t mean it is not of therapeutic value in treating such problems; it can help to manage the disease symptoms and the anxiety and depression that can so often accompany many chronic illnesses, as well as improving the person’s quality of life. […]

The best way to give up smoking?

I would like to hear of different ways/tips people have had to give up smoking. anything from patches to hypnotherapy is good. Also tell me things that didn’t work please.

I got myself into a situation where I was looked down on for smoking and always had to work really hard to hide it and […]

Six Chronic Back Pain Relief Options

There are two types of pain that you will feel. one is a sharp and quick pain that comes and goes quickly known as acute pain. the other kind comes gradually and lasts for long periods of time known as chronic. While both types of pain can be debilitating, especially in the back, chronic can […]

Acupuncture for my constent headaches and migraines?

i hace headaches and mirgraines a lot, headaches everyday migraines around twice a month, and i have read acupunture gets rid of them however, will i need to go for the rest of my life or for like a month to keep them from coming back?

i'm not an expert at acupuncture, but i […]