Treating Acne Scars

As if having a pimple wasn’t bad enough, there’s a good chance that when it’s gone, you’ll be left with a reminder of it. We’re talking acne scars.

To better understand acne scars, here’s a quick refresher on pimples. you get zits thanks to clogged pores. when dirt, oil, and dead skin cells clog pores, […]

Acne Treatment During Pregnancy – Keep Yourself And Your Baby Safe

It is a joyful moment every time a woman is expecting, however, pregnancy may also cause the skin of a woman to break out as never before. Well, you shouldn’t bother about that by any means; it’s normal for the progesterone amount of the pregnant woman to rise. also it can lead to a distressing […]

Acne Laser Treatment – Effective Acne Treatment

Laser treatment of acne can be very effective. it is also moderately painful and can be quite expensive. most insurance plans do not cover the procedure. Any area of the body can be treated with a laser but the most common area is the face. if you have persistent acne that does not respond well […]

Cause Of Body Acne

Most of us will suffer an acne breakout at some point in our lives. some of us will experience pimples, whiteheads or blackheads on our face. Others will suffer outbreaks on our buttocks, chest, arms, shoulders, neck, scalp, legs. in fact, developing acne on your back is so common that it is often jokingly referred […]

Acne Cure – Some Truths

Acne is a problem suffered by many people. It will not be an exaggeration to say that every reader of this article will have suffered from this discomfort some time or another. there is a lot of literature on acne cures, both in the printed media and in the internet world. But acne cures have […]

Tips On Finding Acne Spot Treatment Home Remedies

A paste of sandalwood and rosewater proves to be a one of the most effective natural acne treatments to help cure this skin disorder in a positive way. this paste which can be directly applied on the acne spots with clean hands is required to be left on the affected area either for an hour […]

Acne and Hormones

The role of hormones in acne vulgaris has been verified as a contributing factor to the development of pimples. While there is a direct link between hormone levels and acne, medical scientists still argue that hormones alone cannot be responsible for acne and other factors have to be taken into consideration. Acne development during puberty […]

Acne Removal

Acnes are prominent eruptions or inflammations that appear on the skin and create ugly marks or patches on the skin. These pimples or acne are caused as a result of excess secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands which are unable to make its way out of the skin pores. As a result of clogging […]

Dealing with Unsightle Pimple Scars Early With An Biological Acne Scar Cream


Acne is a very common skin condition that affects a large percentage of teenagers and 20 year olds. It is even common for older adults to have some acne problems. Most people recover from acne without showing any permanent signs, but others develop unsightly acne scars.

Mild acne generally leaves no lasting affects. And […]

Acne Types


Some people embark on treatment without finding out which type of acne they have and often get disappointed at the results. There are several types. Acne vulgaris is a type that includes different kinds of pimples. The pimple types are white heads, which occur after a pimple has been clogged. another type is blackheads. […]