Benefits Of Jogging Include Increased Longevity

Important longevity news. Danish researchers have discovered one of the benefits of jogging is that joggers might well live a whole lot longer than those who don’t jog for at a minimum of an hour per week. on average a whopping 6.2 years longer for men, 5.6 years longer for women.

Regular jogging was […]

The Antibiotic, Amoxicillin-Clavulanate, Before a Meal May Improve Small Bowel Motility

The common antibiotic, amoxicillin-clavulanate, may improve small bowel function in children experiencing motility disturbances, according to a study appearing in the June print edition of the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition from Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Amoxicillan-clavulanate, also known as Augmentin, is most commonly prescribed to treat or prevent infections caused by bacteria. However, it […]

Meditation: Choosing the Right Meditation Pillow

Whether you realize it or not choosing the right meditation pillow can make a huge difference to the success of your meditation session. Most people when starting out on learning the technique of meditation will simply sit on the floor and try to meditate with no support at all. However, trying to maintain the right […]

Types of Alternative Health Care

The benefits of alternative health care have been known since the olden times. Even some doctors recommend alternative or holistic medicines to patients who prefer non-invasive methods of healing or has no longer benefited from conventional medicine and healing methods. but one must know that there are different approaches to alternative health care, depending on […]

Licorice Root Reduces Blood Sugar, Other Anti-Diabetes Effects

If you have enjoyed licorice root for its tummy soothing qualities—and even if you haven’t—you may be interested to know that a team of scientists have uncovered another benefit of this ancient herbal remedy. Licorice root has been shown to possess substances that can reduce blood sugar levels and offer other anti-diabetes advantages.

Over the […]

Chinese Herbs – Are They Safe?

People in Asia have benefited form using Chinese herbs for literally thousands of years. The traditional Chinese pharmacopeias list hundreds of conditions for which herbs may be prescribed, from asthma to migraine to herpes zoster. Over the last twenty-five years there has been a huge boom in the natural healthcare industry. Many of the herbs […]

Dietary Supplements – Why Exactly Do We Need Them?

Health is our biggest wealth, they say, but do we really treat it as such? we should, but unfortunately, most people don’t. In this article I’ll talk about nutritional supplements and how they can help us.

First, what exactly are nutritional supplements? As many of you probably know, they’re special formulations designed to provide certain […]

Do night shifts really ‘give you diabetes’?

“Shift workers getting too little sleep at the wrong time of day may be increasing their risk of diabetes and obesity,” according to the BBC, which reported new research showing that changes to normal sleep can cause the body to struggle with controlling its sugar levels.

The news is based on a lab-based study that […]

The Whole Truth About Antibiotics

The role of antibiotics has dramatically changed over the years. Once considered a “magic bullet”, antibiotics are now over-prescribed and ineffective (at best) as a treatment option. In fact, antibiotic (or anti-life) drugs have been linked to the onset of allergies, cancer and many other inflammatory […]

The Healing Power of Mushrooms

Mushrooms have always occupied a curious spot in the human psyche. Associated with magic, spiritual power and mystical revelation, mushrooms have been used as foods, healing agents, poisons, ritual artifacts, and hallucinogens. They are hunted by enthusiasts the world over, and play a central role in numerous lavish festivals and museum displays.

Mushrooms comprise a […]