Medical professor warns cardiovascular diseases on the rise, advises regular checkups

Posted on June 28, 2012, Thursday

SIBU: A professor of medicine from a local university warned that cardiovascular diseases such as heart diseases and stroke are on the rise in this country, necessitating early intervention.

Professor Datuk Dr Khalid Yusoff of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Shah Alam, Selangor observed that the worldwide trend was […]

Sign Stroke – How To Recognize And React To A Sign Stroke

Wondering what a Sign Stroke looks like? this article will describe what a Sign Stroke might be and how to react to that Sign Stroke.

Sign Stroke – Numbness In the Extremities

One of the first Sign Strokes that you may notice is that there will be a sudden numbness in the face, arms, and […]

Areas Damaged in a Stroke

When a person suffers a stroke, the brain is affected differently depending on the areas most heavily damaged by the blood loss. As stroke is characteristically defined by a loss or stoppage of blood to the brain, whether by a brain hemorrhage or a blood clot. this then causes brain cells to die due to […]

Diabetes Mellitus Risk Factor – Stroke

Stroke happens due to insufficient blood flow to the brain. It is considered as a very serious emergency case that should seek for immediate help. there are two types of stroke. The first type is clot stroke due to a blockage of blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain. The second type is bleeding […]

Common Signs and Symptoms of a Stroke

Right side Facial Paralysis – LyndsayruellA stroke occurs suddenly. Knowing the signs so proper treatment can begin is essential to improve the chances of an optimal recovery after a stroke.

Strokes affect nearly 800,000 people in the United Sates annually. they may be mild and barely noticeable or they may be severe and completely incapacitating […]

Massage: Helping People Recover From Stroke

One of the leading causes of death all over the world is stroke. It is defined by the Heart and Stroke Foundation as the sudden loss of brain function due to change of blood flow in the brain, blockage of a blood vessel in the brain, or the rupture of this blood vessel. without proper […]

Read What Thousands Are Saying About stroke And Share Your Thoughts

Are you finding the information on stroke confusing? Perhaps you are finding much of the information contradictory? If so, you are not alone. That’s the reason why we developed our website. We spent time trying to gather the facts for ourselves, unfortunately, what we found didn’t help us make decisions at all. Have a look […]

How Can Diabetes Lead to a Stroke?

Diabetes Mellitus or Diabetes is a condition wherein a person’s body can not produce enough of its needed insulin or can not absorb the produced insulin. Stroke or brain attack, on the other hand, occurs either when pathways of the blood are clotted or a blood cell ruptures in the brain. how then can diabetes […]

Causes and Symptoms of Brain Aneurysms

Most Brain Aneurysms Have no Symptoms – cecilia piccoBrain aneurysms are caused by inherited disorders, congenital abnormalities and head injuries. Symptoms of brain aneurysms include pain and vision changes.

A brain aneurysm, also known as a cerebral or berry aneurysm, is an abnormal widening of part of an artery in the brain caused by a […]

What Should You Do if You Think You are Having a Stroke?

A stroke or the so called brain attack causes a serious injury to the brain. It is connected with blockage of the blood supply to the brain or with bleeding inside the brain. in both cases brain cells stop receiving the oxygen and the other substances needed to function normally and start dying.

If you […]