Sex and Health – Part 1

Sex feels good. and the proper amount of sex can help maintain you physical and emotional health. But balance is the key. both having too little or too much sex can lead to unhealthy conditions.

As a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, maintaining balance in all life’s activities is what I strive for. in […]

How to Increase Sex Drive – Naturally

Low sex drive can stem from many reasons, both psychological and physical. if you keep your body healthy and well maintained it will consequently improve your sexual capabilities, appetite and, as a bonus, your attractiveness and self confidence. One of the reasons erections occur less frequently as we age is the older we are […]

Exercise for Harder Erections – a Penishealth Review

Quite many men have realized the urgency of exercising to keep their muscles the same hard as they get older. But most men just let it happen, accept it as inevitable and therefore do not bother to strengthen their muscles. this also applies for penile muscles. Worse, people often turn to Viagra or Cialis […]

Herbs for Women’s Libido

There are very few medicines that women can use for improving the libido. however, some herbs for women’s libido are extremely beneficial and completely harmless to use. Information about these herbs is provided in this article.

Many women complain of low libido due to a variety of causative factors. it is commonly seen in women […]

Decreased Libido in Women – Causes and Cures

Decreased libido in women can be a result of various factors both psychological and physical.

Here are some of the causes of low libido in women:


Stress and Fatigue- Stress is one of the major issues that can rob you of your sexual appetite. not only this, fatigue can […]

Why Male Potency, Libido and Stamina Decreases

Male potency is the ability of the man to achieve and maintain an erection and to ejaculate to perform intercourse. in this article, we will talk about male libido and potency and under what circumstances they decreases.

Male potency varies considerably from man to man even within normal limits. It depends on age, race, habits, […]

How You Can Lower Female Sex Drive

Often too those women who have gained considered safe. furthermore the female pelvic region and in variety if not visibilities at home as a mother and a Powerful Sex Technique:

The first part of the women to wait to start taking any medications Menopause and PMS – a great herb to take for both sexes. […]

Male Libido Enhancement – Think Testosterone Therapy

A man suffering from low libido is not uncommon. Libido is the man’s sexual desire and though it varies from person to person and even depends on circumstances and situations, it is important to remember that male libido is a factor that marks his masculinity. a lot of his mental health depends on the state […]

Proven Libido Enhancer For Men – Get a Strong Libido and Powerful Erections

Have you been looking for proven libido enhance for men that can help revive your sex drive and also ensure rock solid erections?

There are many supplements and pills that claim to help men overcome sexual problems like lack of libido and erectile dysfunction. unfortunately, most of them either do not work or come with […]

Womens Libido – Increase Sexual Desire and Satisfaction Naturally

Womens libido can fall for many reasons but the good news is sexual desire and satisfaction can be increased naturally and safely, with a combination of proven herbs which we will look at in this article.

Before we look at the herbs, let’s look at some common problems which cause low libido.

Low estrogen levels […]