Sauna Rocks – Another Hot Sauna Topic

A traditional Finnish sauna that utilizes sauna rocks in its operation is often referred to as a rock sauna, and the name aptly implies just how important a feature of the conventional sauna the rocks are. The sauna heater holds and heats the stones, and the sauna bather tosses water onto the hot stones to […]

Personal Sauna Benefits

While you may have to settle for a smaller home or apartment because you live in the city it doesn’t mean you need to be denied the benefits of a sauna. the smaller 2 person sauna is a perfect compromise for those with less space who still want the benefits of their own sauna. Today’s […]

Home Sauna – Maintenance Tips

A home sauna can be a real treat. You’ll experience all the benefits of a proper sauna and sweat bath right in your own home. however, saunas do need some upkeep. As long as you are willing to learn about how to maintain your home sauna, you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to […]

Can Sauna Help You Lose Weight?

Sauna can give you many health benefits. Aside from being a natural way of treatment, sauna can give you the relaxation and body comfort you deserve. Sauna have been used for hundreds of years as a complete regimen treatment for many illnesses like fever, infection, stress and cardiovascular diseases.

Sauna is a form of therapy […]

How to Take a Sauna

With the recent popularity of far infrared saunas and steam saunas comes the necessity of learning to use them properly and safely. Listed below are the traditional steps the Finns would take in order to benefit fully from their cleansing saunas. and the Finns should know, as roughly one in five inhabitants possesses a sauna.


Sauna Installation is Easier Than You Think

A sauna is a great investment in your health and well being as well as a way to increase the equity in your home. many people would love to purchase a sauna but are worried about the problems and cost of sauna installation. Fortunately changes in technology now allow a homeowner to complete his or […]

How to Build a Home Sauna – Three Important Questions to Answer Before Building

Considering that home saunas are believed to produce numerous health benefits and provide a relaxing spa experience, it’s no wonder than more and more people want to know how to build a home sauna. The answer to this question depends on several factors, including your budget, the space available, and how handy you are. There […]

Why to Buy a Personal Sauna

With the health benefits of personal saunas being so well documented there are many people these days who would like to take advantage of the restorative properties of a sauna. The only problem is that most of us are too busy to visit a public sauna. Thanks to the improvements that have been made in […]

Saunas Exposed Different Types, Benefits And Disadvantages

Whether you call it a sweathouse or steambath, you may find a wide-range of health benefits from the use of a sauna, which provides therapy through both wet and dry heat sessions of treatment. the history of the first saunas can be traced back to the creation of the Finnish variety, which is still being […]

Why To Utilize Sunlighten Ratings And Sunlighten Sauna Reviews


A lot more people are becoming really excited about the new Sunlighten sauna reviews and Sunlighten ratings that are being submitted everywhere online as they start trying to find out whether the Sunlighten procedure is right for them. the majority of people nevertheless, in looking to figure out whether the Sunlighten procedure is a […]