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By Randy DotingaHealthDay Reporter

SATURDAY, Aug. 18 (HealthDay News) — Can marriage — or divorce — drive people to drink?

A new study suggests the answer depends a great deal on gender: Marriage appears to lead to more drinking among middle-aged women, while divorce seems to drive middle-aged men to the bottle.

The research looked […]

Signs of Perimenopause – Take This Quiz and Find Out

You’re in doubt. You’re not sure if you’re already having perimenopause symptoms, especially since you’re just below the 40s line. but you are experiencing signs of perimenopause already – irregular menstrual cycles, irritability, hot flashes, and sleep problems to name a few.

Having these symptoms may or may not be an indication of you […]

Menopause Causes and Natural Supplements for Andropause – Best Menopause Relief Treatment with Cassie Vault

Menopause is go activate or every woman’ s life. There till both summarize and cerebral signs and affection that characterize the access of menopause (pre menopause) ace able-bodied ace column menopausal period.

Before we allocution about these assurance and affection of menopause or details, it’ s attending at the three aloft phases of Menopause. […]

How Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women Helps in More Ways Than One

The menopausal stage can be a very difficult phase for any woman. Hormone replacement therapy for women can come as a real relief and not only to address menopausal symptoms but also to address several health problems that come with aging.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopause

The signs of menopause are clear, though it […]

Natural Menopause Treatment For Headaches

Here’s a list of natural menopause treatment options if you’re suffering with headaches as one of the symptoms of menopause. For many women experiencing menopause symptoms, headaches are not all in the mind; once women pass puberty and produce higher levels of female hormones, they suffer more from headaches of all types than men.

Whereas […]

Women and Menopause

Menopause in its simplest terms is the end of menstruation for women. it occurs mostly in women aged 50 and older yet can affect women as young as 40. some women will spend a third of their life in menopause. the following article will touch on the basics of menopause and how to treat it.


Menopause Treatments

All women face menopause after the age of 50 years. Menopause occurs over a few years and this time can be very trying for a woman. A reduction in production of the female hormone estrogen and progesterone results in osteoporosis, hot flushes and general fatigue. A lot of research in this field has created effective […]

Menopause and Weight Gain

The studies conducted till today reveal the truth and the relation between menopause and weight gain. even though there are plenty of factors resulting in weight gain during menopause, both of them go hand in hand. it has been estimated that in around 90 percent of the menopausal women weight gain is seen a common […]

How To Beat Male Menopause

It’s true that menopause is a thing that ladies will go through once they reach a certain age. In their late Forties, ladies encounter this condition in which their own system will eradicate producing hormones. It is also a well known fact that menopause can often be related to females and few realize that it […]

Menopause Night Sweats – Remedies

Most of the women approaching menopause complain of disturbance in their sleep due to night sweats along with hot flashes. it is a sudden of feeling of hotness which results in excessive sweating.

Hormonal changes are the main of causes. During menopause, the function of the ovaries tends to reduce. as a result, estrogen levels […]