What Causes Cloudy Lungs

What Cause of cloudy lungs in a child – Online Doctor Chats

User : Hi User : I am wondering what could cause cloudy lungs (shown on x-ray), vomiting, diarroreah, excessive hair loss and coughing in a child?Doctor : okDoctor : For Administrative and health purposes, Please provide these details -Age: Gender: Occupation: Location: […]

Detoxify and Clean Your Lungs to Eliminate Smoker’s Cough

Cilia are tiny hair like sweepers that push things out of our lungs when we cough. Smoking cigarettes slows down this process so when a smoker is asleep, the cilia begin to bounce back and by the time a smoker wakes up they have been known to have a hacking cough. this is the […]

Is Congestive Heart Failure The End Of The Road?

Congestive heart failure happens when the heart is unable to effectively pump the blood through the body. It occurs when the heart muscle is weak because of disease or stressed beyond its ability to function. Congestive heart failure is in general, a secondary disease following another cardiac condition, primarily either coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathies, myocarditis, […]

What Are The Types Of Lung Infections?

There are several very common types of lung infections that you probably know about. There are also some not-so-common lung infections whose names probably sound familiar, but they’re no longer prevalent in most developed countries. You may not know as much about these. We’ll cover them, nonetheless, in this article.

There are two types of […]

Childhood Asthma is Preventable

Childhood Asthma is a chronic lung disease characterized by tight airways — a result of airways being too responsive. our airways are meant to respond to harmful substances in the air. our airways shrink when we’re in a smoky atmosphere, protecting our delicate lung tissues from the noxious ingredients in the smoke. they should go […]

Infant Allergies

Bronchitis is a very common respiratory disease. it can accompany flu or cold and it occurs in people of all ages. Smokers and people with weak immune system are very exposed to developing chronic bronchitis and in some cases asthmatic bronchitis. Smoking is considered to be a serious factor of risk in the development of […]

Treatment For Pneumonia – Natural Vs Pharmacological

People would most likely opt for a pharmacological medication as a treatment for pneumonia. but what really works as well as these medications?

Pneumonia is the medical term used to refer to the infection that occurs in the lungs. This is caused by microorganisms which include fungi, viruses and bacteria.

This condition usually starts in […]

Acute Bronchitis Review

More often than not, oxygen is transported from the windpipe down to the lungs, but if there is inflammation of the airways or bronchitis, this will become limited. Excessive formation of mucous is highly possible when there is irritation of the bronchial tubes. the two kinds of bronchitis are the acute type of bronchitis and […]

Lung Cancer – Warning Signs and Symptoms

Lung cancer being the most fatal of all the cancers worldwide is regarded as one of the leading causes of death amongst both men and women in the U.S. It is the most universal form of cancer in men worldwide whereas, the fifth most common form of cancer in women.

In medical terminology, the malevolent […]

Smokers Lungs

Twenty percent of all Americans smoke. The World Health Organization describes smoking as an epidemic around the world. Smoking has become a blight on those in the lower socio-economic cultures of the world. Tobacco companies have revenues in the billions. All this without advertisement on television or radio. so why?

This type of economic juggernaut […]