Types of Hot Tubs

Home spas are popular and they have more to offer than a warm place to soothe your muscles and unwind from a long day. first of all, there are four basic types of hot tubs and it’s important to be aware of each type before making any purchasing decisions. with four types available, which are […]

Why Choose Swim Spas Over Hot Tubs?

Hot tubs has been one of the most loved outdoor (and indoor) home product of many. they are useful and quite beneficial to many as well. this is why there was a time where numerous retailers would sprout like mushrooms everywhere. the thing is, there is a new trend now. There is a newer, more […]

Spas and Hot Tubs: Relaxing Your Way to a Better Health

Imagine yourself in a warm, soothing tub of bubbling water, relaxing after a long day. what better way to spend the evening than soaking in the hot tub and in the comfort of your own home. Spas and hot tubs offer ways to treat a wide variety of medical conditions, injuries, or simply promote relaxation […]

Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Any Good?

Inflatable hot tubs are in some ways a revolutionary concept in the hot tub and spa industry. when these portable cheap hot tubs were first introduced, the spa world changed. Gone were the days when owning a hot tub was a luxury only the rich could afford.

These hot tubs today are a popular choice […]

Understanding Basic Hot Tub Supplies

Owning a hot tub can be like having a personal oasis in the backyard. Hot tubs provide relaxation after a stressful day’s work and are good for health and well-being. Maintaining a spa can be confusing at first, but once the owner understands the basics of hot tub supplies keeping the spa clean and properly […]

Hot Tub Covers And Spa Covers: Warranty Considerations

Nearly all hot tub covers can be purchased with a warranty. this article will detail important aspects to look for when comparing a warranty and will provide selection tips to help you avoid ever needing to use the warranty process.

Hot tub cover warranties range typically from 3 to 6 years of coverage.

Does the […]

Replacing Hot Tub Parts Is An Economical Alternative

Keeping a hot tub at home can take away the aches and pains of a long day. it can also be a gathering place for family and friends in a social atmosphere. As long as hot tubs are taken care of properly, they can last for several years. when they are kept covered and the […]

Hot Tubs and Spas

Hot tubs and spas are becoming increasingly more popular and they are to be found in many homes. When you mention hot tubs and spas, what springs to most people’s minds is an above ground acrylic spa. the acrylic spa is the most popular one on the market as it is quite large and can […]

Hot Tubs: Hygiene and Safety

Hot tubs have become common features of health clubs, gyms and even homes. But not all hot tub owners are aware of the hygiene and safety issues concerning them. Ignorance about some aspects may cause safety compromises and bodily infections.

The human skin is a carrier of microbes that shade off through the mucus or […]

Spa Or Hot Tub – Is There a Difference?


There are two different styles of hot tubs:

Simple wooden soaking tubs – barrel One piece acrylic tubs (usually referred to as spas)

Although traditionally a hot tub was a wooden barrel with heated water used for relaxing we now refer to spas as hot tubs also. A spa is a large manufactured tub […]