Juice For Fasting – Best Foods to Eat Following a Juice Fast

Juice fasting is done for a certain period of time. It is a process of extreme detoxification and requires a break, which should be pre-planned and followed. Before you begin the juice fasting process, plan the number of days you would be doing it. Fasting period can vary from three to forty days, however most […]

Cerebral Palsy Life Expectancy – Important Factors Which Increase the Life Span

Cerebral palsy life expectancy cannot be determined by doctors alone. A physician who is qualified enough to appraise an individual suffering from cerebral palsy and a statistician can only relate this appraisal with life expectancy. The life expectancy basically depends on various factors. These factors include severity, various disabilities associated, type of cerebral palsy and […]

What You Eat And Drink Can Keep You Awake

Did you know that the foods you eat can have a serious impact on your sleep?

Here’s an example. Remember the Atkins diet which was very popular a few years back? The reason it was popular was because it worked well. Many people lost weight on the Atkins diet which urged it’s followers to eat […]

How Aging Affects Fertility in Women

There is no question that women in the United States are waiting longer to start their families. Today’s women are allowing themselves time to complete school and develop a career before becoming mothers. According to a some report by the CDC, the average age for first-time mothers has climbed to 25.1 years in 2006, up […]

What Are Common Causes of Glomerular Disease in Adults?

Podocyte cells, which make up the surface of the glomerulus, are pink in a 650x-magnification SEM. Glomerluar diseases can result from an acute illness, such as an upper respiratory infection, or chronic disease states, such as HIV. The Case

A 52-year-old man presents with abdominal pain. his temperature is 100.8°F, his blood pressure is 170/90 […]

Homeopathic Remedies Sinus, Cures For Your Sufferings

Homeopathic remedies sinus offers help to patients suffering from acute sinus. in a recent survey conducted it has been proved that sinus is most common form of illness that has gripped United States in its deadly wings affecting about 33 million citizens every single year. Basically a reddened inflammation surrounding the sinus bones leads to […]

The Secret Of Weight Loss Water

The question remains: how helpful is water in losing weight?

In the manner of speaking, water blocks out hunger more similar to ephedrine, the substance in unwanted fat reduction supplements which makes the person curb her appetite by suppresing the craving to eat. however, water effects in a distinctive manner. H2o doesn’t suppress your appetite […]

How Do Fat Loss Monitors Work

When you hear the phrase “natural weight loss,” what thoughts float around your head? – Unprocessed foods? Herbal remedies? Uncooked foods? the answer to natural weight loss is that all three of these thoughts along with a few others are factors in losing weight without any type of physical crutch.

Foods that Are Unprocessed

A […]

Treat Your Hay Fever the Natural Way

Allergic rhinitis or hay fever can be miserable, causing a blocked nose, runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing, all caused by inflammation of the sinuses due to pollen.

Some people may experience some or all of these allergic symptoms with other common irritants such as household dust mites and the family pet. There are many […]

Diabetes Can Harm Your Teeth and Gums If Not Controlled

The majority of people with diabetes have type 2 diabetes. this form of diabetes is mainly seen in adults but increasingly affects overweight teenagers and children. when diabetes is not well controlled by diet, exercise and medications, the levels of sugar in the blood may stay consistently high and can affect many parts of the […]