Slim Fast Diet Plan: What Is It?

Slim Fast is both a brand and a claim of the makers. Originally made by the Thompson Medical Company, in 2000 it was acquired by Unilever who are now the current owners. The principle behind the program is simple. you have one regular meal a day and all the other meals are replaced by […]

The Basics of Pregnancy, Exercise and Diet

Pregnancy, exercise, diet – when the first one occurs, then the other two should follow as well. the key in ensuring a good and smooth-sailing pregnancy lies in the inclusion of a healthy diet and exercise routine in a pregnant woman’s lifestyle. out of the myriad of diet plans and exercise programs out there, […]

Reality show host Alison Sweeney stays in shape for self, family

“The biggest Loser” star Alison Sweeney shares her pregnancy and postpartum fitness tips in her book “The Mommy Diet.”

With a focus on “staying healthy through pregnancy and getting back in shape afterwards,” the “Days of our Lives” actress motivates women to “feel good emotionally and mentally.”

Alison talked to Celebrity Baby Scoop about […]

Trans fats and the chemistry of evil

Trans fats are a four letter word in nutrition circles — the boogeyman that corrupts your baked goods and tasty fried foods. But what makes these nutritional fats different from all the others? and why are they the bane of medicine?

Trans fats differ from other unsaturated fats from a structural perspective, but only […]

Can Raw Food Improve Your Sex Life?

Halfway into raw week I’m really starting to get the hang of things and we’re not just getting by, we’re getting sexy—in so many ways! Aside from the obvious date night there are a few ways this raw diet is upping the sex factor in my life.

We all think it, so I’ll just […]

How Fast Can You Lose Weight

do you know that when you lose weight, you apparently do not lose fats only, but you will lose muscle and water as well? Generally, studies show that in weight reduction diet, the average percentage of body fat that will be eliminated is 75% fat and 25% muscle. Most of this percentage is likely […]

Quick Ways to Lose Weight – These Work!

Looking for some quick ways to lose weight? There are many ways that you can drop some weight without starvation diets. perhaps you have tried fad diets and diet pills. Sure, some of them work, but there is an easier and safe way to achieve weight loss without the risks to your health!

You […]

Diets That Work Fast – 3 Diet Reviews

Losing weight takes a lot of time and effort especially in finding diets that work fast. there are a lot of diet and nutrition plans all over the internet or from tips by fitness experts. Weeding through these options may be too much for most especially to those who want to find diets that […]

Fast Diets – 4 Common Foods To Avoid And Some Ideas On How To Easily Replace Them

When trying to lose weight on a fast diet, there are some foods that you absolutely must avoid. Listed below are four common foods you must avoid as well as some foods to replace them that will hopefully make it easy for you to make the transition to a fast diet plan to quick weight […]

Lose weight while pregnant – Suggestions For Weight Loss During Being pregnant

Most professionals will advise you to achieve a few additional pounds when you are pregnant, however gaining an excessive amount of weight may be harmful for you and your baby. Being obese throughout pregnancy, also can led to issues in the delivery. Subsequently, girls who are obese are advised to reduce weight whereas pregnant. Nonetheless, […]