Reduce Your Risk Seven Simple Ways to Prevent Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a subject most men would rather not think about. everything about it — from early diagnosis by a digital rectal exam to potential side-effects of incontinence and erectile dysfunction — makes men want to crack open a beer and change the channel.

A big factor in this avoidance behavior is that […]

Fighting Cancer – Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally, A Much Better Way

All cancers are simply a disease of an immune system that’s been weakened by the way we now live with our artificial food, our sedentary lifestyle as well as the toxic chemicals we use. Common sense should tell us that to overcome the problem all one has to do is to strengthen the immune […]

Scientists hail cancer research discovery

Scientists hail cancer research discovery

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Scientists have claimed a major breakthrough which could lead to more effective treatments for throat and cervical cancers.

Queen’s University Belfast said the discovery could see the development of new therapies to target non-cancerous cells surrounding a tumour, as well as the tumour itself. Cancer […]

Asprin helps prevent heart attack, now researchers report it also cuts risk of cancer

Research has shown taking low-doses of aspirin can cut the risk of cancer.

The society working with an international team of experts on cancer prevention is expected to publish a statement on the risks and benefits of long-term aspirin use within weeks.

“We will say this looks very important and needs to be further […]

Study doubts value of liver cancer screening

Screening people with alcoholic liver damage for signs of cancer may not be worth the expense or other downsides, a new report says.

Alcoholism can lead to cirrhosis, or scarring, of the liver. People with cirrhosis have a higher-than-average risk of developing liver cancer, but it is not clear whether screening people with cirrhosis […]

Cancer Support Groups

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer, you may feel overwhelmed, afraid, and alone. Coping with the challenges of a cancer diagnosis can be very difficult and hard to talk about even to your closest friends and family members. Joining a group for support may help you feel less alone and can improve […]

Liver Cancer Early Signs and Symptoms

Liver cancer symptoms are the most basic parameters confirming presence of cancerous cells and tumors in liver areas. Early signs also prompt a person to carry further diagnosis and help in early identification and tracing of cancerous polyps. One of the best ways of identifying symptoms this at the earliest is to go for regular […]

The Cure for Cancer?

Apparently everyone has cancer cells or pre-cancerous cells in their body and the body’s immune system disposes of these naturally. It’s only when the immune system is down that the body is unable to fight and dispose of these cells that they begin to multiply to a detectable level.

The malignant cells will not show […]

Lung Cancer – Are Women More Preoccupied About Breast Cancer?

Lung cancer is among the most common cancers in the Western world. Lung cancer occurs due to the growth of malignant or abnormal cells in the lung. it is the third most common cancer in males and the fifth in females. yet lung cancer is increasingly becoming a woman’s problem. The risk for dying of […]

Preventing Pancreatic Cancer – What You Can Do

It sounds like a terrible thing to say or even think, but say the two words pancreatic and cancer to anyone and it strikes fear in the hearts of anyone diagnosed with the dreaded and deadly cancer and their loved ones for the simple fact that it is known as the cancer with one of […]