How To Stop Anger From Controlling Your Life

Some people seem to have the knack of avoiding anger; by this I mean that they just don’t seem to get angry no matter what provocation they are subjected to. Other people are affected in a hot and heated manner and feel the bile of anger rising in their throats at the smallest provocation. and […]

Anger Control – How to Recognise Anger Triggers

Uncontrolled anger can cause a lot of damage. It can hurt not only person who is angry, but also other people they care about. Relationships with partners, children and work colleagues can suffer. Poor anger control can cause problems in the workplace and affect work performance. One of the first anger management techniques to learn […]

Anger Management For Children – 5 Helpful Tips For Parents

Change is difficult, especially for children The thinking part of their brains is not completely developed yet and their emotions are immature. although children are born with distinctive dispositions, they are effected by the emotional environment in which they are raised. Thus, parents are ultimately responsible for two levels of emotional inheritance; one nature, the […]

Anger Management: Some Signs That It May Be a Problem For You

Wonder if you have an anger management problem? sometimes it can be hard to tell if you have a problem because anger management problems can look different in different people. Big picture its an emotional state in which some individuals cannot even handle. Here are some broad signs that you may have an anger management […]

A Simple Way to Overcome Bitterness and Anger

It happens to all of us from time to time, and it can be very aggravating. somebody you trust or thought you had a good relation with does something to betray you or disrespect you. If this person was a stranger, you could simply banish them from your reality and never have to deal with […]

Dealing With Anger

Anger occurs when things don’t go according to our expectations, for instance, when we expect people to be polite, and they are rude . Anger can also be a result of perceived loss of control over something that is important to us.

Our anger is sometimes justified, because of other people’s poor behaviour. However uncontrolled […]

Anger Management Skills; Effective Anger Release Strategies

Before we talk about anger management skills, we first need to talk about anger as an emotion. Anger is a normal feeling that everyone experiences. Anger can range from slight annoyance to fits of fury. Some feel anger every day, while others may only encounter it when pushed to the breaking point.

Anger can be […]

Anger Management in Addiction Recovery

Anger management is an essential factor when overcoming an addiction. The probability of a relapse significantly increases when emotions of anger and resentment are not dealt with properly. Anger strikes everyone, but these emotions are intensified in someone trying to recover from an addiction. Their need for the addictive substance increases with their heightened emotions. […]

3 Effective Anger Management Techniques That Will Make A Difference

Today’s society puts a big emphasis on using anger management techniques in most aspects of our lives. everyone has read about all of the different tragedies that have happened in recent years. Usually the people who cause the tragedy do not have histories of anger issues or violent expressions. what seems to happen is the […]

Therapy for Teenage Depression

Therapy for Teenage Depression – from the Roots to the End

Studies and researches have shown that early therapy can save your teenager from depression. Up to 1 in 12 teenagers can be a victim of depression and three times as many will experience depression at least by the time they turn 18 years old. […]