Emergency Air Conditioning Repair for Indianapolis HVAC System Looms if Your Air Filter is Dirty

Though the current heat wave in the Indianapolis area is putting a strain on central air conditioning systems, at least we have not experienced the power outages that millions of people are suffering through on the East Coast.

Obviously, your air conditioner is working at maximum capacity during this streak of hot weather, so […]

Primary Points One Should Know On Split System Air Conditioners

Many people have no notion just how a cooling system actually works. If this is the case, then let’s remedy that condition. each alternative of an air conditioning system has different demands and they all work differently. Ducted air conditioner systems call for sophisticated planning and installments and they vary totally from split system air […]

Air Mattresses For a Healthier Sleeping Environment

We spend about 8 hours a day at an average in our beds. Making it almost our sanctuary to rest and recuperate from a long hard day. as we sleep and let our bodies recharge, little do we know that some other life forms are busy right underneath us while we sleep.

Humans shed dead […]

Various Types of Air Conditioning Systems

It is likely that the type of air conditioning system that is most well-adapted for your home varies depending on the home layout, size and design. Different applications also require different kinds of AC systems, such as commercial, business, and homeowner usage. most often, window air conditioners and split systems are found being used. We […]

Air Conditioning Services: Tips for Beating the Heat

A humid, subtropical climate can be sweltering in the summer, and when the temperature routinely exceeds ninety degrees, the humidity makes it difficult to breathe. For these homeowners, summer can bring more than hot weather; it can also bring big electric bills due to constant air conditioner (AC) use. if you need to stay cool […]

Air Infiltration in Windows

When deciding to purchase new windows, there are many factors to consider to make the best purchase. many window sales people will point out the obvious: aesthetics, cool features like tilt wash windows, and warranty. As consumers get more energy conscious, another factor comes to the forefront when choosing to replace windows: window ratings. While […]

Air Conditioning – What Happens If it is Sized Wrong?

You have three estimates for central air conditioning in your house? each estimate quotes you a different size unit. what do you do? Buy the middle one because they are between the other two? You may be happy and maybe not. Let me explain how this works and what the results are of not getting […]

Your Unhealthy Home – Why Unhealthy Indoor Air Requires an Air Purifier

Is the inside of your home contributing to disease?

Air Pollution accounts for over 2 million deaths per year in the world. while most of this is due to cooking fumes and improper use of gas heaters you should also be aware of othe rdangers including chemicals (cleaning materials, etc.) and outgassing from synthetic materials […]

Air Purifiers – Helpful for Allergic and Asthmatic Patients

Indoor air pollution is one of the main factors promoting the respiratory illnesses like allergy and asthma. However, air purifiers bring a sort of relief for patients suffering from these diseases. Let’s know how they help allergic and asthmatic patients.

Indoor air pollutants enhance allergies and asthma

Recently conducted studies stated that the quality of […]

Natural Methods of Air Conditioning Your Home

When it is hot outdoors, keeping cool indoors can indeed be a problem. when the sun beats down on the roof of your home, it can raise your indoor room temperature to uncomfortable levels. in such a situation, air conditioning can be your only solution.

The initial cost of getting an air conditioner installed and […]