The Basics of Pregnancy, Exercise and Diet

Pregnancy, exercise, diet – when the first one occurs, then the other two should follow as well. the key in ensuring a good and smooth-sailing pregnancy lies in the inclusion of a healthy diet and exercise routine in a pregnant woman’s lifestyle. out of the myriad of diet plans and exercise programs out there, a pregnant woman must be able to choose something that is specifically tailored for her needs and the pregnancy conditions she has. there are, of course, plenty of reference materials online as well as resource persons in the form of able and knowledgeable doctors who can assist her with this objective. the basic step is to first understand the concepts of pregnancy, exercise and diet individually, before she can determine and discover their interrelations with each other. A pregnant woman can do her own research first by looking up information on the web, reading books related to the subjects of pregnancy, exercise and diet, and talking to other women who have gone through pregnancy in the past. afterwards, she can put together a list of points she wants to go through and clarify with her doctor, in order for the two of them to be able to map out the best exercise and diet program for her.

Although most, if not all pregnant women are already aware of this, it would still be helpful to go over the basics of the concept of pregnancy, to serve as a refresher. Pregnancy is when a woman carries a fetus in her uterus, brought about by the fertilization of an egg by a sperm. the fetus normally develops in the woman’s womb for about nine months or forty weeks, until the time that the baby is finally delivered and born into the outside world. the whole period of pregnancy is made up of three phases, or trimesters. the first trimester is often said to be the riskiest phase, as this is the time when the baby starts to develop, and when a miscarriage is likely to occur. the second semester marks the monitoring phase of the pregnancy. During this time, pregnant women can already start feeling the baby moving around in their wombs, and can have the vital organs examined through ultrasounds to see if they are functioning well. Finally, the third trimester is when the baby’s organs and functions start to fully develop, and the baby is primed for life outside of the mother’s womb.

Given that pregnancy has three unique stages, a healthy and proper diet must then be observed by the pregnant mother, and should be varied to correspond to the needs in each trimester. Having a healthy and well-balanced diet would be a major factor in ensuring the healthy condition of the baby at birth. Generally, a pregnant woman should consume more iron, calcium and folic acid, aside from other essential vitamins, in order to ensure the good condition of the baby’s blood, bones, brain and spine respectively. it is also important to follow the food pyramid, which suggests the amounts of daily servings of these food groups:

oWhole grain products such as bread and rice: 6 to 11 servings
oVegetables, colorful as well as green and leafy ones: 3 to 5 servings
oFruits: 2 to 4 servings
oDairy products including milk, cheese and yogurt: 4 to 6 servings
oLean meat and other protein-rich products: 3 to 4 servings
oWater, fruit juice or other healthy beverage: 6 to 8 glasses
oFoods rich in fat and oil, and sweets: serve sparingly

Finally, to complete the recipe for a healthy pregnancy, along with diet, exercise should complement the pregnancy as well. of course, there are only certain forms of exercise that a pregnant woman can undergo, as anything else might be too strenuous, or might put the pregnant mother and the baby at risk for injury. Walking, stationary cycling, low-impact aerobics, yoga, Pilates, and swimming or other aquatic exercises are recommended exercises during pregnancy. Aside from promoting wellness in general, these exercises also strengthen the muscles, thereby preparing the mother’s body to deliver a child. Exercises that should not be participated in during pregnancy include hockey, boxing, wrestling, football, soccer, gymnastics, horseback riding, skating, skiing, racquet sports, weight lifting, as injuries due to these sports or even any strong force could impose harm upon the baby.

Pregnancy, diet and exercise – the proper understanding and awareness of the three would result to bringing to life a happy, healthy baby.

The Basics of Pregnancy, Exercise and Diet

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