Reality show host Alison Sweeney stays in shape for self, family

“The biggest Loser” star Alison Sweeney shares her pregnancy and postpartum fitness tips in her book “The Mommy Diet.”

With a focus on “staying healthy through pregnancy and getting back in shape afterwards,” the “Days of our Lives” actress motivates women to “feel good emotionally and mentally.”

Alison talked to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her postpartum weight-loss secrets; her son Ben, 7, and daughter Megan, 3; and her motivation to stay healthy.

Q Tell us about your book “The Mommy Diet.”

A the book is about staying healthy through pregnancy and getting back in shape afterwards. the focus is on nutrition and fitness plans, but … I also wanted to pay attention to advice to make you feel good emotionally, mentally too — like good fashion (and) beauty tips.

Q what inspired you to write the book?

A so many books focus on how to take care of your child, which obviously is so important, but I didn’t see one book focused on the mom — how to get yourself back.

As I met so many fans afterwards asking me how I’d gotten in shape after Megan was born, I realized I had the perfect opportunity to share all the tips that I learned with all the women out there who want to get back in shape but need a little guidance — as I did/do.

While my book does focus on pregnancy and post-pregnancy recovery, it’s for any woman who wants some advice on how to get their diet and nutrition on track.

Q what are your best postpartum weight-loss secrets?

A Staying healthy during the pregnancy is all about moderation. I absolutely appreciate the importance of rest, relaxation during pregnancy as well as paying close attention to your nutrition and fitness.

So, best advice? Listen to your body. after the baby is born, take the time you need to learn your new role as mom. but my best tip after having the baby is to remember that you will be a better mom if you’re able to take the time to care for yourself, too.

Eat small meals throughout the day rather than a few bigger meals where one tends to get carried away overeating out of hunger, when it takes your body sometimes 20 minutes to feel full after you’ve started eating.

Shake up your routine. try different workouts, take a new class, mix it up. … if you don’t have time to go to the gym, pop in a workout DVD while your baby is taking a nap.

Q how do you maintain a healthy balance between keeping fit and unrealistic Hollywood body images?

A I stay healthy for my kids, my husband and for me. I was motivated to be healthy during my pregnancies and to get back in shape after because that is a key factor in being the best mom that I can be for my children.

QHow are your kids doing? what do they do to make you laugh?

A Ben is 7 and Megan is 3. they are so different. they are both fun, funny and loving kids, but Ben is much more sensitive and introspective whereas Megan is a spitfire — so outgoing and precocious. We have our hands full, and we love every minute.

Q how did you spend summers as a kid? have you carried on traditions with your kids?

A my summers as a kid were spent with family and friends, often going to the beach or a lake to water ski and fish, etc.

We do the same with Ben and Megan — they go to some camps with friends and then we do as much as a family as possible.

Whether swimming, hiking or just taking adventures, we make sure to be active and have fun as a family.

Reality show host Alison Sweeney stays in shape for self, family

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