ViSalus Sciences – What Makes This Weight Loss Challenge Different From The Rest?

Even in today’s crazy economic environment, ViSalus Sciences continues to grow and prosper. very few companies can say that they are doing okay and even thriving at this time, but ViSalus is one of them. So how do they do it? what makes ViSalus Sciences so popular that it isn’t hurt by the economy?

To understand why ViSalus is doing so well, you need to understand the nature of the company’s contribution to those who use their ViSalus systems. ViSalus is a company that offers health shakes, supplements and other health products as well as fitness challenges and a large support community. Similar products have been around for years, so you may wonder why this particular company is just exploding with growth today.

Well, aside from the products and programs being superior in many respects to previous health products and programs, it is also important to realize that the demand for these types of products is greater now than it has ever been. a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control found that more than one third of all adult Americans are obese. This percentage has doubled in just 30 years. An additional 68% of American adults are not obese, but are still over-weight to the point that they risk health problems due to their weight issues.

Clearly, this trend has to stop, and many people are trying to change the statistics by gaining control of their weight and health with ViSalus Sciences.

So why are people choosing ViSalus over the other alternatives? People may have different reasons for choosing ViSalus Sciences, but some of the main reasons are listed here:

The ViShake, that serves as a meal replacement or as an addition to a healthy diet depending on whether you are trying to lose weight or just maintain a healthy level of fitness, costs only around $2 per serving, which is much less than it would cost to go out and get a meal at a fastfood store.

– the Challenge

ViSalus started as simply a health product company. however, when one of the founders of ViSalus was challenged by his former basketball coach, Hall of Famer Dale Brown, to a year of running and weight lifting, in front of a whole crowd at a ViSalus event, the entire direction of the company shifted.

Seeing how motivating a challenge could be, the founders of ViSalus Sciences took a risk and started to focus on challenging their members to get in shape. now, people can enter a 90 day challenge that helps them to reach their goals and can even win them awards if they undergo the biggest transformation in 30 days.

– the Bonuses

Aside from giving them the tools to live a healthy lifestyle, ViSalus also gives people the ability to earn big and get great bonuses. Members are encouraged to refer others to the company and they will get a commission for each new member that signs up through them. They can also become eligible for big prizes like cars and vacations if they are one of that months top performers.

– the Support

What’s one of the best things about being part of ViSalus, is the sense of community and support from other members. you don’t have to feel alone in you fitness goals, because there are people from all different levels of fitness that are going through the same challenges. you will truly feel like you are all in it together as everyone supports everyone else and does their best to ensure that each person reaches their goals.

Because of these and other great benefits, ViSalus has seen huge growth in sales and new members. They’ve gone from getting a few hundred new members per month, to about a thousand per month, to over three thousand per day This company continues to grow as it capitalizes on the resources and technology available and it has already expanded from the United Stated to Canada and now Jamaica, and it hopes to expand to even more countries soon.

The company also stays ahead of the pack because of its great adaptability. it takes note of the trends and the ways that users are using the products and systems and changes when it feels that they could better accommodate people or be more successful in some way.

Its continued popularity has made it almost a household name, with people like Hulk Hogan and Ryan Jensen of the UFC being unpaid but enthusiastic users of ViSalus Sciences products.

Originally a small health supplement company put together by Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola, three young guys with diverse backgrounds but a common passion for fitness and health, this company has quickly become one of the leaders of the industry and is continuing to expand and is changing and impacting people’s lives for the better.

ViSalus Sciences – What Makes This Weight Loss Challenge Different From The Rest?

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