The Facts About Alzheimer’s and How it Works

Here is some basic information about this disease called Alzheimer’s disease, or AD.

What is Alzheimer’s disease? the condition is a physical illness that changes the brain tissues and nerve cells. Alzheimer’s in summary is another form of dementia. Dementia affects a person’s memory, their mood, and behaviors. Some of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease can be very frustrating for a person with this illness.

The most common question asked, is memory loss just a normal part of getting older? yes, people might become more forgetful as they grow older. Nevertheless, we have to remember Alzheimer’s disease is more than memory loss.

Alzheimer’s disease changes people’s behavior, personality and their abilities to do some of the normal every day chores, over a period.

Alzheimer’s disease affects the brain cells, which are called neurons. these cells send messages to other cell bodies. these messages let us think, remember, and speak.

We know that family history has a lot to do with people getting this illness. Family history is the key factor in Alzheimer’s disease. People with Alzheimer’s disease in the family are at high risk of getting this illness also.

Here are some more high-risk possibilities, which can cause Alzheimer’s and dementia to develop. Head injuries, people that have serious head injuries may be at high risk.

The gender women are at higher risk of developing the disorder then men. this is why we have no idea, but they are studying and trying to learn more about this painstaking disorder of the mind.

The stages throughout Alzheimer’s disease are mild at the start in most cases. the mild cases make it hard for people with Alzheimer’s disease to do everyday activities. Balancing for instance is difficult, i.e. balancing the checkbook or even following a recipe in which they have done many of times. Now it is a challenge to do.

This makes the person’s behavior change as well, so now they feel sad and worthless and become depressed. Due to being depressed, they stop going to social get together, like church and to family get together. the person will also have a hard time remembering appointments, people’s names and they misplace things such as car keys or even a letter from a friend.

People with Alzheimer’s disease may have trouble finding the words when speaking, since their cognitive thinking is interrupted.

When a friend or a loved one has the disease, there are steps that can be helpful. Here is how it works.

1. Ask a friend or a family member to help with the money, especially one that can be trusted.

2. Write reminder notes and put them around the house where they can be seen through out the day and night. the notes will help them to remember things like appointments and so on.

3. Make a list of names and telephone numbers and keep it close to the phone. It might be helpful if you take pictures and put the photos beside the name and telephone number so they have a face to go with the number.

4. You may need to label things like the pictures, drawers, and even the coat closet so things can be found easily.

5. and always remember talking about their feelings and yours too, are helpful. Always listen to the person with the disease, since it will make them feel better and you will feel better as well.

This disease is hard on the mind, soul, and emotion. Everyone around may find it difficult to cope, so you have to be strong and understanding in all ways.

The Facts About Alzheimer’s and How it Works

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