The Relationship between Ear Infection and Sinusitis

A cold, allergies, coughing, and sneezing can all influence insinusitis. However, the fact that these can be an influence inear infection is not commonly known. the reason that sinusitisand ear infection are related is that the sinuses and the earare connected by a tube in the inner ear called the Eustachiantube.

Before explaining further how sinusitis and ear infection areconnected, I will explain them one at a time, beginning withsinusitis, then moving on to ear infection. when one issuffering from the cold, flu, or allergies, there tends to bestuffiness in the sinuses. the stuffiness is caused by thesinuses. they produce mucous in an effort to clean the sinustissue from the dirt and bacteria breathed in. whenever thesinuses sense impurities or bacteria, they produce more mucous.sometimes this is counterproductive, because the bacteria maysettle in the sinus tissue and cause inflammation or sinusitis.the mucous then gets blocked in by the inflammation, and insteadof cleaning out the bacteria, it invites bacteria to grow.

After swimming, bathing, playing in the snow, or other wateractivities, water collects in the ears, and if it is notproperly cleaned out, it drains into the Eustachian tube.Because the Eustachian tube is only slightly slanted, even lessin children, the liquid often settles in the Eustachian tube,inviting ear infection. Similar to sinusitis, ear infection caninflame and swell, blocking further drainage. Ear infection cancause dizziness, headaches, ear aches,and other ailments.

Consider what happens when one having sinusitis blows his or hernose, coughs, or sneezes. where does the air go? true, much ofthe air goes through the mouth and nose, but much of the airpressure goes out toward the ears. That means that infection isalso pushed out toward the ears, making sinusitis an indirectcause of ear infection.

It also works the other way around. Infection in the ears canalso drain down into the sinuses, inflaming the sinus tissue andcausing sinusitis.

Both sinusitis and ear infection are surprisingly simple toprevent. Proper and frequent cleaning of the ears with Q-tipswill prevent liquid from draining into the inner ear, invitinginfection to settle in the Eustachian tube or other tissue.Preventing sinusitis is just as simple. Just as we wash ourhands throughout the day to prevent bacteria and disease, weshould wash out our nasal passages with nasal spray on a regularbasis. This cleans out germs that enter the body through themouth and nose. in using nasal spray, one should keep in mindthat studies have shown xylitol to be a natural bacteria repellant that one shouldlook for as the leading ingredient in nasal spray. Because it issugar free, it also reduces the ability of bacteria to leavebehind damaging acids.

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