How is Thyroid Problem Related With Insomnia?

Insomnia is a state of sleeplessness through out the night. since the recent past the percentage of insomniac people has taken its toll. one of the reasons for being unable to sleep can be the current life style of the individual. Unfortunately the youngsters of today do not seem to give good importance to rest their body. As the adage goes, early to bed and early to rise keeps one healthy. but these days very few people hardly follow the saying. the reason for ignoring the sleep could be many. in other cases there are men who desperately want to sleep but could not sleep. They spend the whole night tossing and turning. the reason for the sleeplessness could be varied depending on the individual age, sex, social status and medical conditions.

When we talk about the medical condition of the individual who are unable to sleep during the nights, the reasons could be in multitudes. Although, the predominant reason for the inability to sleep could be some kind of hormonal imbalance. the hormone thyroxin plays a major role to put the individual to sleep during the nights. under secretion or over secretion of the hormone causes hormonal imbalance. the hormonal imbalance can be one of the chief reasons for many kinds of side effects. Insomnia is one among the serious side effects caused by it.

When we analyse the reason for what causes insomnia for the hypothyrodic or hyperthyrodic patients. the chief answer could be that the persons with abnormal thyroid activity have a slag in their metabolic rate. As a result of this sluggigh metabolism, the individual might suffer from sleeplessness during the nights. Once the problem is analysed properly, the treatment could be very simple to put the patients to normal routine with in few weeks.

Normally, treating the case with an herbal remedy could be the safest way to handle the problem. Many kinds of herbal remedy are available in the market like thyromine. However they have to be administered orally upon the advice of a trained doctor only. Although these are harmless, the individual has to know the reason for his insomnia. only a doctor can analyse the problem aptly to prescribe the medication. some times there are chances that you treat for some other problem while the real cause for the insomnia stays untreated.

In addition to this various thyroid treatment pills are also available in the market to treat the disease. Simply as a home remedy, one can try various iodine rich foods for activating the thyroid hormone. Iodised salt, sea foods seems to be rich in iodine. However they should not be consumed at a higher rate as excess is also dangerous. in addition to all these pills, sleep exercises greatly enhance to sleep. these exercises can be done in the evenings or some time before bed. Studies have proved that they have shown wonderful results when combined with the sleep therapy or with thyroid therapy. Nonetheless they also can be tried separately.


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