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We’ve all had those mornings, waking up to meet the ‘mac daddy’ of zits or finding a red tide of acne. It’s usually on a big day too– before your date with a new guy or girl or, God forbid, the day of the prom. Emergency-cover-up mode is not a fun place to be, but until your acne care prevents breakouts, you won’t have much choice.

So what kinds of cover-up tricks do you usec We’ve seen guys and girls use tricks of all kinds, from real simple to real silly.. Makeupc Hatsc Weird clothingc Wild hairstylesc how do YOU cover up acnec and how far are you willing to goc

Whether your cover up is simple or elaborate, treat your blemishes before putting other products on them. A cream or spot treatment with benzoyl peroxide and organic ingredients like aloe vera and myrtle targets bacteria and offsets dryness or irritation. after that first important step, you might want to try tricks like these:

Makeup tricks: from tried and true to new

You may have used makeup to hide zits, but have you tried disguising your acne by working with it, instead of against itc That’s what Tyra Banks did. she used an eyebrow pencil to make a pimple look like a mole, a la Cindy Crawford. that only works with a single pimple, but it’s pretty creative.

Using makeup is the best and the easiest way to hide acne. There are many tips on how to use it as a cover up and they usually include: – the big three: concealer, liquid foundation (that’s skin-colored coverup for you guys) and powder. Tips that use these three are repeated often because they work. and with the variety of color shades available, it’s almost impossible not to find a shade that’s right for you.

– Mineral powder (finely milled powder). New mineral powders on the market are becoming more popular with men, because they’re easy to use (all you need is a brush) and do a great job of covering up.

– Our tip: makeup applicators like sponges, puffs, concealer applicator sticks and brushes can harbor bacteria. do yourself a favor by using clean fingertips, Q-tips, cotton balls or disposable sponges and puffs instead. Wash your makeup brushes often too.

Fashion mistakes. or are theyc

If makeup’s not your style, try experimenting with clothes, hats and accessories. You might risk getting on the neighborhood’s “worst dressed” list, but if they say faux-pas, we say who caresc

– Tempted to use the celebrity-in-hiding lookc it doesn’t really work for celebrities, but maybe it’ll work for you. big shades and a baseball cap (or hoodie) won’t hide the acne, but with the right attitude, this look could scream “stay away.”

– Winter clothes can be bulky and distracting. Scarves and hats usually accentuate the face, but if you work it right, they could also divert the eye with unusual styles or colors (Russian-style tundra hat anyonec). Just don’t wear a red scarf. It’ll highlight red skin.

– Hair styles that scream or screen. another way to distract is with wild hair, funky styles or loud colors. or try to cover acne with full bangs, long lengths and wispy hair. be careful with hair products that might contribute to the skin problem though.

– Other camouflage. Few people can get away with more extreme wear like masks, veils or coverings. So unless you’re an operating room nurse, enjoy the sport of fencing, live in a SARS-infested area of Asia, or work on a hazmat team, don’t do it unless you’re going for a laugh.

The best way to get rid of acne is with prevention. get out in front of the problem with a consistent skin care treatment that prevents breakouts in the first place. Try a free sample of Oeco’s organic acne treatment. it combines the potency of top acne medicines with the moisturizing and soothing qualities of botanical extracts. It’s our eco-friendly alternative for clear, healthy skin.


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