Facial Treatments for Summer and Beyond

Aivee peel

Many Asian girls suffer from dark pigmentation patches, excess oiliness and acne, which can leave scars, large open pores, and an uneven texture.

There are many skin peels and polishing treatments available. they are generally classified as one of two types—mechanical exfoliation (such as scrubs and micro-dermabrasion) and chemical peels (such as acids and enzymes).

In the Aivee peel treatment, real diamond micro particles are used to remove the outer layer of the corneous layer and unblock pores. Next, a fruit acid and enzyme mix is applied to activate the natural degradation of the links binding the corneocytes, accelerating the renewal of the outer layer of the skin.

The new biological peptide encapsulated in liposomes reduces the skin cell links in the inner layers of the epidermis, stimulating in-depth cell renewal. the treatment is carefully customized for different skin types, and finished with a soothing neutralizing mask for rebalancing the skin PH, thereby leaving the skin smooth and radiant.

The second stage of the Aivee peel is an optional deep-crystal white peel for pigmentation spots and uneven skin tone. This contains the latest generation of skin-lightening ingredients that act directly in the heart of color-producing cells, as well as sun protection, with patented UV pearls to help maintain a luminous even tone and blemish free complexion.


In today’s world, aging begins at age 40, at the cellular level. once a cell finishes its differentiation process and optimizes its functions, development changes begin to take place. This is induced by metabolic errors that create a gradual deterioration of our systems, tissues and organs.

In light of this information, it would be useless to treat aging after damages have occurred, when there is no turning point and recovery would be almost impossible. We must therefore address functional alterations early in life, so structural damages can be prevented.

Regeneration facial

The new regeneration facial is a real and effective alternative to surgical treatments. the nine active ingredients in this facial include internal tissue re-densifiers, skin fill-in substances, neuro-inhibiting agents, and skin-lifting peptides.

These ingredients combine to slow down muscular contractions, increase skin volume, and fill in the voids formed by deep wrinkles. It also improves cell architecture and communication by stimulating the tissue regeneration process to rejuvenate the skin and standardize its appearance.

Boosting volume and filling in facial hollows, the regeneration facials aim to address the eyes, where gravity has left the skin low and sunken under the cheeks and under and around the eyes, and the mouth with its surrounding wrinkles. Over time, the treatment gives more dimension and definition to less than perfect “sunken” regions.

Vitamin C Plus facial

The Vitamin C plus facial is designed to combat the destructive free radicals that skin is exposed to everyday. the vitamin C used is for the first time free of parabens and includes Nikkol-Vit C, which is a new generation of high cell-absorption vitamin C with up to seven times more effectiveness than pure vitamin C. It also contains fresh kiwi cells to reduce pigmentation production and promote collagen synthesis. the Vit C reduces cell damage from free radicals and helps prevent the signs of aging.

Aquatherm facial

The aquatherm facial hydrates and instantly soothes irritated skin. This facial is ideal for skin that’s exposed to the harsh extreme temperatures, humidity, pollution and air-conditioning. This is also ideal for patients whose face gets red very easily.

The concentrated water used is from the springs of Salies-de-Bearn, France, which have been curing sensitive and acne skin since 1857. the water is rich in sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium salts. Together with 25 other essential trace elements, this helps restore the healthy appearance of skin.

Stem cell facial system

The stem cell facial system harnesses the known regenerative powers of a special long-living apple species. By taking an active stem cell liposomal preparation and using a patented nanoliposomes release system, the treatment is designed to make the amazing regenerative power of plant stem cells available for the stem cells within our own skin.


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